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Owners Dave Sandoval and Amy Venner partnered with organic farmers from all over the world to create a trusted, expert superfood community. Every bright color, vibrant flavor, and raw nutrient comes straight from Mother Nature. Here is a brief summary of each of our  amazing superfood formulas.


40x Aloe Vera Concentrate

Our aloe vera is 40 times more potent than any pure aloe out there. It may support a healthy immune and digestive system, it may support joint function, and it may stabilize blood glucose levels.

Advanced Probiotic Blend

Advanced Probiotic Blend is a potent, all-vegetarian blend of the most vital friendly bacteria available. Tt may aid in healthy digestion, help improve nutrient absorption, and support healthy immune function.

Aloe Digest

Everyone needs a little extra digestion and immune support. Rich with polysaccharides and based in organic coconut water, our Organic Aloe Digest is the perfect support for at any time of the day!


Apothe-Cherry contains a wide variety of unique antioxidants and phytochemicals to help balance circadian rhythms, support healthy joint function, and promote healthy uric acid metabolism.


Barley Green Juice

Purium’s Barley Green Juice is grown in pristine fields and watered with mineral springs to ensure it has nature’s maximum nutritional input. It contains highly assimilable chlorophyll, which is important for total nutrition.

Bee Energetic

This is for our coffee lovers! Real energy doesn’t come from caffeine or sugar. This can increase your energy and mental clarity by preventing and reducing adrenal fatigue.

Bio Fruit

Purium’s Bio Fruit contains an impressive variety of nutrient-dense, organic fruits to support total body nutrition. We recommend adding Bio Fruit and any of our green foods to your daily health regimen for comprehensive nutritional support.

BIO Regen

Our proprietary blend of 200x organic aloe concentrate, astaxanthin and all-natural superoxide dismutase is unlike anything else on the market today. These capsules effectively accelerate the regeneration, rejuvenation, and rehydration of emerging skin cells, meaning you will have younger, fresher, less damaged skin as it emerges on the surface!

BIO Relax

Relax the facial stress and skeletal tension that cause age lines and wrinkles! This formula may help provide deep restful sleep and tension relief while awake. It includes tart cherries, organic passiflora, organic cranberries, kava root, and hyaluronic acid.

Biome Medic

Biome Medic is an exclusive and proprietary formula filled with all-natural ingredients. It was awarded a Gold Seal by the Detox Project as a glyphosate detox solution. It can help flush harmful toxins, support “good” bacteria, and protect your microbiome from GMO damage.


C From Nature

C From Nature is a natural, powerful combination of Indian Amalaki, Acerola, Camu Camu, Rosehips, and citrus bioflavonoids. It may support healthy immune function and promote healthy cholesterol levels.

Can’t Beet This!

Naturally power up your performance with an organic pre-workout beetroot juice. Low in sugar, the formula delivers oxygen and nutrients to fuel workouts and keep endurance strong.

Carrot Juice Plus

Carrot Juice Plus is a flavorful blend of organic carrots and soluble rice bran. Carrots are packed with nutrients that make them a valuable part of any healthy diet.

Coco Hydrate

A refreshing coconut-based blend that is loaded with electrolytes and antioxidants. With a pineapple twist, this daily drink helps boost hydration levels and support joints during recovery  and high-intensity activities.

Cocoa Mint Spirulina 

All the benefits of spirulina with a great cocoa mint flavor. Organic Spirulina is nature’s ultimate whole-food multi-vitamin. It is nutrient dense, packed with protein and loaded with marine omega fatty acids.

Control Pre-Meal Capsules

This may help curb cravings and reduce appetite, neutralizes starches found in processed carbohydrates, and may support stabilized blood glucose.

Cracked Cell Chlorella Powder

Cracked-Cell Chlorella is cultivated in a controlled outdoor environment in ponds filled with mineral-rich water. Our easily-digestible cracked-cell powder is a great addition to any cleansing regimen.

Cracked Cell Tablets

Same description as above but comes in tablet form!


Daily Fiber Blend

The gluten-free and high-quality fiber sources of Daily Fiber Blend raises the bar on what a fiber product can be. Daily Fiber Blend is available in Unflavored or Carmel Apple Flavor.

Dark Berry Protein

Dark Berry Protein provides 12 phytonutrient packed fruits and berries plus a full serving of organic vegan protein, and is complemented by medium chain triglycerides, ginkgo biloba, and lion’s mane. Our formula includes a full spectrum of trace minerals from fulvic and humic acids plus plant sourced Vitamin C, and supports collagen, memory, focus and vascular integrity while satisfying your hunger deliciously.


Enzyme Advantage

They say, “you are what you eat.” But actually, you are what you ABSORB. This product may enhance nutrient absorption when taken with meals and support healthy digestion.

Epi-Genius Dogs

Specially-crafted to nourish our furry, four-legged friends, Epi-Genius Dog is the only canine wellness supplement combining Purium’s exclusive gut health formula, Biome Medic, and the proprietary joint-supporting ingredients from our beloved Joint Flex.

Epi-Genius Kids

Create a healthy craving with super fruits, super vegan protein, super greens and super vitamins. It tastes so good, you’ll wonder how we fit in all the fruits and greens. We don’t know who will like it more: you or your kids!


Fulvic Zeolite

This product is safe for most kids over 2 years of age and is an effective part of any detoxification program. It is chemical-free and helps balance pH levels.


Green Spectrum 

Earth is the ultimate prism. Every green plant captures a different wavelength of light and energy from the sun. Organic Green Spectrum is a beautiful collection of sea plants, juiced field grasses, and garden vegetables. Available in Unflavored and Lemon.


Heart Aid

Love your heart! This product may help reduce free radical damage, can aid in healthy cardiovascular function, may increase oxygen uptake, and contains one of nature’s most effective chelators.


Ionic Elements

Ionic Elements is a specially formulated combination of fulvic acid and ocean trace minerals. Using a rare source of humic and fulvic base, our proprietary (acid-free) refining method accelerates the concentration and purity of the fulvic acid – leaving a fresh, clean taste.


Immuno-Max is a synergistic blend of herb and plant extracts from around the world designed to support healthy immune function. We recommend taking it in conjunction with any of our green foods and Vir-U-Sure for comprehensive immune support.


Joint Flex

Joint-Flex contains a variety of herbs used to support healthy joint function. It can help increase mobility, flexibility, and restore vitality.


Kamut Blend

Purium`s organic Kamut® blend is a juice extract from the leaves of Kamut, a superior non-GMO, non-crossbred, nutrient-dense heirloom-seed Egyptian wheatgrass. It may support the  natural cleansing processes and is a great source of chlorophyll and green vegetable nutrients.

Kids Immune Shield

Immune Shield is a pure organic formula which may support your child’s immune system. Just a few drops can keep children healthier as well as re-balance little bodies when they aren’t at 100% strength.

Kids In Focus

In Focus uses organic herbs to help create calm focus and balanced energy for your child. This product is designed to help with schoolwork, sports and general health and may even help with positive attitude and behavior.


Men’s Defense

An amazing blend of herbs and plant extracts (made specifically for men) that may support a healthy prostate, healthy immune function, healthy hair retention, and healthy liver function.

More Greens

More Greens is a blend of superfoods, probiotics, ginseng, and bee pollen. It is a great all-in-one supplement for anyone who wants to get maximum benefits from one supplement. This product aids healthy digestion, may support increased energy, is a great source of chlorophyll and supports a healthy immune function.

MVP Family Chocolate

Healthy eating is a family affair! Plant-based MVP Family is a convenient way to keep everyone fueled and healthy. Good nutrition can actually be delicious AND easy with MVP Family.

MVP Sport

Packed with 32 grams of protein from peas, pumpkin and brown rice, MVP Sport supports muscle-building recovery without the calories. This organic blend also includes herbs, such as Turmeric, Maca and Chaga Mushrooms, to target joints for extra recovery support. Available in Chocolate or Vanilla.


Power Shake

Nourish your body with super greens and healthy fats. A core Purium product, Power Shake is our legacy green drink that can help energize and balance alkalinity every day. Available in Original or Apple-Berry Flavor.


RENEW Hair, Skins, and Nails

RENEW works from the inside out. It may help prevent split ends and breakage, promotes healthy, younger-looking skin, can help strengthen cracked or weakened nails, and may support natural stress relief.


Revive-It-All contains two very important ingredients that may help reverse memory loss and increase energy and vigor: Acetyl L-Carnitine and Alpha Lipoic Acid. It can enhance circulation and may help lower blood pressure.

Rice Bran Solubles

Rice Bran Solubles are the most potent, nutrient-rich part of rice. They contains a wide variety of B vitamins, are a great source of healthy fats, can help promote healthy cholesterol levels and cardiovascular function, and may support healthy blood glucose levels.


Spirulina Capsules

Spirulina is nature’s ultimate wholefood multi-vitamin. It is nutrient dense, packed with protein and loaded with marine omega fatty acids. These energizing superfood capsules are easy to digest and assimilate.

Spirulina Powder

The same amazing benefits as Spirulina Capsules but in powder form!

Super Amino 23

Super Amino 23 is pre-digested 100% vegetarian protein that has been featured in the Physician`s Desk Reference and is comprised of non-soy legumes. It aids in normalizing protein synthesis, assists with the stabilization or recovery of muscle strength, endurance, and volume, helps keep body tissues firm, and helps minimize body fat.

Super CleansR

Super CleansR may increase peristaltic action, reduce constipation, enhance deep cleansing, and is a gentle yet effective parasite defense.

Super Life Formula

Super Life Formula contains a variety of herbs and plant extracts that can help increase muscle mass, normalize hormone levels, build endurance, speed muscle recovery, and increase libido. Super charge your body and mood!

Super Lytes

Super Lytes contains Rooibos tea extract for rapid rehydration. It contains quality sodium from Himalayan sea salt, is balanced with added magnesium and potassium to reduce cramping and headaches, and is an excellent replacement your grandfather’s salt tablets and your father’s colored/flavored sports drink!

Super Meal L.O.V.

Organic and vegan meal replacement that is packed with whole food ingredients. It can  support healthy immune function, healthy digestive function, and may help increase energy! This product comes in an original flavor and a vanilla chai flavor.

Super Xanthin

Astaxanthin helps protect eyes and skin from UV A and B damage by quenching singlet and triplet oxygen. It helps combat free radical damage to muscles and helps reduce the buildup of lactic acid that causes post-workout soreness.


Tropic Oil

Tropic Oil is pure, organic, extra-virgin coconut oil. Our Tropic Oil is hand poured into jars at a low temperature making a marbled texture that shows it is still in its raw state.



Vir-U-Sure is a proprietary blend of herbs and whole foods that offer synergistic, targeted support for healthy immune function and viral response. We recommend combining Vir-U-Sure with Purium’s Immuno- Max and any of our green foods as a triple-pronged approach for complete immune health!


White American Ginseng

White American Ginseng can support healthy responses to physical and psychological stress, may aid in the reduction of fatigue, and increase energy levels.

Women’s Defense

Women’s Defense is uniquely formulated to naturally assist the built-in defenses of a woman’s body to keep it strong. The ingredients from around the world, including a special blend of mushrooms, cat’s claw, fermented soy and red clover, work together to support overall well-being and balance.


ZinC-ADE delivers specific, targeted, plant-sourced nutrients (Zinc and Vitamins A, C, D & E) to support a healthy terrain throughout the body while keeping with Purium’s pure, whole-food approach to immune support.


“The quality of life you live will be equal to the quality of foods you eat.” -Dave Sandoval


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