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Purium has championed the organic, plant-based and non-GMO superfood movement for 25 years and counting. We’ve used our superfood knowledge to develop Epi-Genius Dogs and Epi-Genius Cats to help you spend more time with your best friend and have them live a long, healthy life. 

Remember: We love pets and superfoods, but we’re not veterinarians. Seek advice from your medical professional when necessary. 

Epi-Genius Dogs

Specially-crafted to nourish our furry, four-legged friends, Epi-Genius Dog is the only canine wellness supplement combining Purium’s exclusive gut health formula, Biome Medic, and the proprietary joint-supporting ingredients from our beloved Joint Flex. Boasting the cellular health benefits of chlorella, this blend also contains a unique combination of enzymes, probiotics and herbs. These pure ingredients help to enhance digestion and reduce doggie breath and gas. Consistent use of Epi-Genius Dog may encourage a shinier coat and a more pleasant-smelling dog. Spend more quality time with your little buddy by supporting a longer and healthier life.  

Learn more about Epi-Genius Dogs here!

Epi-Genius Cats

Cats are unique. They are one part domestic companion, one part wild hunter, and one part just a curious, playful child. 

And Purium gets cat people. We have the world’s only supplement designed specifically to nourish and detoxify our feline friends at the highest level. Just as with humans, cat health also begins in the gut. And they are equally susceptible if not more exposed to glyphosate in their environment than we might know, because of their frequent walkabouts exploring and of course, their innate curiosity  

Epi-Genius Cats is the one and only cat supplement with Biome Medic, which has been clinically proven in humans to dramatically reduce glyphosate in as little as six weeks, in addition to ingredients that support healthy joints, flexibility, and movement to help them continue in their acrobatic (and entertaining) ways, nutrient-dense superfoods and marshmallow root, a special furball reducing/controlling herb to help eliminate frequent hacking. 

Learn more about Epi-Genius Cats here!



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