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Power Shake


Our fast-paced world and on-the-go lifestyles can sometimes make getting proper nutrition difficult. Power Shake is the convenient way to fuel your body with essential nutrients from pure, organic, raw superfoods. From improving energy to leaving you feeling satisfied throughout the day, Power Shake is a staple in our Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation. 

What is it?

Power Shake is Purium’s legacy green drink made of energizing, gluten-free superfoods including organic Spirulina, organic wheatgrass, and organic buckwheat. These premium ingredients combine to create one all-encompassing super shake. Also known to our community as “liquid sunshine,” this powerful blend is available in Original (Unflavored) and Apple-Berry flavor. 


Power Shake nourishes your body with super greens and healthy fats. A core Purium product, Power Shake is our legacy green drink that can help energize and balance alkalinity every day. Not to mention, it’s gluten-free!

May help: 

  • Improve energy
  • Reduce cravings
  • Fuel your cells
  • Create satisfying feeling

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Suggested Use

Mix five and a half tablespoons / 35.5g (leveled but not packed down) with 10-20 oz. of cold water or your favorite non-dairy, creamy beverage. Take on an empty stomach 1-4 times per day. 

Purium Co-Founder Dave Sandoval  dives into Power Shake ingredients and their health benefits: 


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Our community dubbed daily green drink ‘Liquid Sunshine’ for its delicious sweetness and vitalizing energy benefits. Hear what some have to say below!

“I love this shake. It’s the only one I have ever tried that doesn’t make me sick and bloated. Plus it surprised me by keeping me very full. Something no other shake has done for me.” –Brittany via iShopPurium.com 

“After a month and a half using just the power shake I feel so healthy every time I take it. It helps my body 

get up and go at the start of my day.” –Maisy F via iShopPurium.com

“The Purium Power Shake. There is nothing quite like it. This magic in a bag will have you feeling better than you have ever felt, with more energy than you’ve ever had.” -Brandon Michael Ricks


This nutrient-dense product is great on its own but even better stirred into a creamy smoothie or delicious beverage! Here are a few recipes to switch up your shake. 

Amy’s Green Giant Drink 

Formulated by our Co-founder Amy Venner, this refreshing green juice is a perfect balanced breakfast to help kickstart your day! Click the image below to download the recipe. 

Green Machine Smoothie by @CleanUpKate

Get your greens in with this nutritious and refreshing smoothie that tastes like summer! Combine  frozen mango and Power Shake, and have yourself a cup full of liquid sunshine that will make you smile. Easy-peasy! 

Can’t BEET the Power of L.O.V 

BEET the hangover while tasting the Purium rainbow with this smooth shake formulated by our company’s co-founder Dave Sandoval. Made with Can’t Beet This! This drink is low in sugar, and high in nutrients to keep your endurance strong while you’re getting your daily workout in. 

Don’t have a blender? That’s ok as you can create this simple recipe by pouring the ingredients into a shaker bottle filled with cold water. Add ice for optimal coolness. Shake everything up and enjoy!

Watch Zoom

On Purium Co-founder Dave Sandoval’s weekly Product EDucation Zoom, Dave provided a deep dive into Power Shake. Watch the zoom here. 

Tips for Use:

  • Power Shake tastes best when mixed in a shaker cup or bottle 
  • Great prior to, during, and after exercise or activity
  • Prior to scooping, gently roll or shake container with the lid tightly closed to get rid of clumps 
  • Purium Co Founder, Dave Sandoval suggests pairing Power Shake with:
    • Bio Fruit: Helps cover daily fruit servings, since Power Shake covers your greens
    • Green Spectrum Lemon: Helps boost the green power and alkalinity of the Power Shake. They make a tasty combo, too!
    • Daily Fiber Blend: Supplies 20 grams of rice bran to help trigger the production of adiponectin (“skinny hormone”)
  • TAKE IT ON THE GO in our Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle! 

Our Power Shake Ingredient Journey 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we re-approached our ingredients to Power Shake, always ensuring that quality nutrition was the number one priority. Learn more about our journey: 

In June/July 2020, Purium reacted to a food shortage of organic rice by including insoluble dietary fiber. The higher fiber content solution changed the mouth-feel and texture of the product. In October 2020, we changed to non-organic rice bran extract, which was readily available in the United States. This solved the mouth-feel and textures issues while we waited for a container of organic rice, which was still in limited supply, to be processed into organic rice bran extract. 

Since then, the organic rice supply chain has stabilized and approximately six months of material was shipped to the US for processing. When the containers arrived at port, the dock workers and port were in a COVID-related massive slow-down, leaving the ship unloaded and delayed for over a month. After this, the organic rice was finally processed and made its way back to Purium headquarters. Because so many were consuming Power Shake, we opted to return to the non-organic formula for a few weeks instead of being out of stock of our most valued products during this time. 

And now, our beloved Power Shake is back to being certified organic! 

Want to know more about Power Shake? Check out our Product Fact Sheet and blog!


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