Success Story: Renewed Friendship and Energy


Debra was a pro with cleanses, detoxes and health systems that promised to invigorate and revive. Her best friend, Stefanie knew this and also knew of Debra’s success at running a real estate agency.

“When she first told me about it I was hesitant and super skeptical because I had tried so many other products and systems and was never really happy with any of them and definitely not willing to share my experience and promote them!”

Just as Stefanie knew Debra, Debra knew Stefanie. She wasn’t the cleanse type and yet, here she was excited to try this one. Debra’s curiosity was sparked.

“At the time she told me about the 10 day transformation it was right around the holidays so I was completely addicted to caffeine and chocolate and absolutely exhausted by the time I put my kids to bed at night. I was in need of energy boost for sure and of course losing those extra holiday pounds was a fantastic bonus.”

Not to mention, the mother of two had discovered a new normal of living with chronic fatigue. Her husband, a successful realtor who often worked into the evening, was used to coming home to an already asleep Debra.

It was the 3-way phone call, with Stefanie and her cousin-via-marriage Cindi Kelly that sealed the deal for Debra. The combination of Cindi’s success and Stefanie’s excitement made it a no brainer for Debra to sign up with purchasing a Platinum Pack and begin her 10-Day Transformation.

“Why not,” she thought. After all, what was another “cleanse” to add to the list?

Day 4 of The Transformation, the sudden awakening blew Debra away. She was alert, optimistic and energized for the first time in awhile. She was even sustaining that energy into the evening, so she could enjoy time with her husband in those late evening hours. After the 10 days and a 7.5-pound weight loss, she was sold on the products and evolved into the Core3 (which didn’t even exist then).

Stefanie’s experience was also enlightening.

Since then, Debra has touched the lives of 1,000 people. Some she has known, like her mom and dad who had successful Transformations and some have been people she’s met on the way. She even has rekindled friendships that had been lost, like a good friend from college.

“Stef, Manny and I were best friends in college and lost touch with Manny. We rekindled our friendship and inspired Manny to do a 10-Day Transformation at a time when she really needed it. She’s now a rock star distributor with Purium and a huge part of my life again. What’s amazing about this business is you get to pick who you work with. We joke because we can’t believe that we get to hang out and have fun together and get paid to do it!

Today, Debra remains committed to growing her business and her reach of bringing wholesome food into people’s lives. She and her family are walking Purium billboards. Her kids start the day with the Kids MVP shake and finish the day with “banana ice cream” which is a frozen banana, almond milk and the L.O.V. Shake (sometimes with organic cocoa or peanut butter).

Debra’s husband, a cross fit enthusiast husband, is a daily user of Joint-Flex. Cracked cell chlorella is another favorite in the house.

As for herself, other than the Core3 products, Debra’s favorites include White American Ginseng Extract, Super Xanthin and Cocoa Mint Spirulina. During the spring allergy season enzymes and probiotics have also become go-to products.

“My proudest Purium moment so far was the day I reached the rank of Diamond. It had been a goal of mine for a while and it came to the point where I decided I had to make it happen and became laser beam focused on making it a reality. The month I made that decision and reached the rank, my mindset shifted. I truly felt the sense of community and people rallying behind me to hit it and reach my goal in those last few hours of the month. Now I love sharing my experience with my team members and helping them to achieve their own rank goals.”


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