5 Reasons to Workout Outside


According to a study done by Journal of Environmental Psychology, outdoors physical exercise has “an overall positive effect on vitality, aliveness, energy, and decreased anger” among a slew of other benefits! Let’s dive, run, or slide into 5 reasons why you should ACTIVATE to AWESOME in the sun!

  1. Vitamin D – This vitamin is a good friend to bones, weight loss and mood elevation. So, soak up that essential fat-soluble vitamin as you go for a bike ride or long hike. However, be sure to cover up with an all-natural sunscreen first though!
  2. Lifts your mood – Between the Vitamin D and beautiful scenery, people who workout outside are 50% happier than spending time in the gym, according to Telegraph. Fresh air and sunshine do wonders for your soul.
  3. It’s more enticing – It’s a lot easier (and more fun) to go on a walk, bike ride, or swim with the family after a long work day than being stuck in a gym with head-phone-plugged strangers on a stationary machine. Fitness experts say that you should incorporate a variety of fitness routines, if you really want to be in good shape. It also prevents boredom!
  4. Burns more calories – Environmental challenges such as hills, wind and temperature can cause you to burn more. Maybe the indoors are actually preventing you from losing those extra calories!
  5. Saves money– Gym memberships aren’t cheap but a hike outside is free!


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