Epi-Genius Cats: Providing Your Cat With A Longer, Healthier Life



The community has spoken! After receiving so much positive feedback for Epi-Genius Dogs and clamoring for a superfood for our other four-leg friends, Purium is excited to announce the launch of Epi-Genius Cats

Remember: We love cats and superfoods, but we’re not veterinarians. Seek advice from your medical professional when necessary. 

Why We Made It

Cats are unique. They are one part domestic companion, one part wild hunter, and one part just a curious, playful child. 

And Purium gets cat people. We have the world’s only supplement designed specifically to nourish and detoxify our feline friends at the highest level. Just as with humans, cat health also begins in the gut. And they are equally susceptible if not more exposed to glyphosate in their environment than we might know, because of their frequent walkabouts exploring and of course, their innate curiosity  

What It Does

Epi-Genius Cats is the one and only cat supplement with Biome Medic, which has been clinically proven in humans to dramatically reduce glyphosate in as little as six weeks, in addition to ingredients that support healthy joints, flexibility, and movement to help them continue in their acrobatic (and entertaining) ways, nutrient-dense superfoods and marshmallow root, a special furball reducing/controlling herb to help eliminate frequent hacking. 

What’s In It

Grass Blend: This synergistic blend of nutrient-dense greens that includes alfalfa and wheat grass can help cats’ digestive, glandular, urinary, and skeletal systems. 

Joint Blend: Purium’s Joint-Flex contains a variety of herbs used to support healthy joint function. Joint-Flex can help increase mobility and flexibility and restore vitality.

Furball Support: Featuring a mixture of marshmallow root and coconut oil, this furball support can help soothe and restore mucus membranes. 

Fruit Blend: Thanks to a combination of blueberries and blackberries, cats will benefit from their antioxidant properties. 

Chlorella: Purium’s Cracked-Cell Chlorella is cultivated in a controlled outdoor environment in ponds filled with mineral-rich water. Our easily digestible cracked-cell powder is a great addition to any cleansing regimen.

  • May support the body`s cleansing of toxins and heavy metals
  • Nature’s richest whole-food source of chlorophyll
  • May aid in the achievement of healthy blood lipids

Biome Medic Blend: An exclusive and proprietary formula filled with all-natural ingredients was awarded a Gold Seal by the Detox Project as a glyphosate detox solution. Biome Medic can help flush harmful toxins, support “good” bacteria and protect your cat’s microbiome from GMO damage.


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