Honoring Veteran’s Day


Whether if you are happy with the new President of the United States or not, one thing is true: we all live in free country where everyone has the right to vote, thanks to our strong and brave military. In honor of Election Week and Veteran’s Day this Friday, let’s show our gratitude. There quite a few things you and your family can do to support our troops. Everything on the below list is kid-friendly and are great opportunities to teach young ones the importance of veterans and why we honor them on this day every year.

  1. Create a care package to deliver to veterans through Operation Gratitude.
  2. Volunteer at an organization that provides therapy dogs for veterans. Who doesn’t love playing with puppies and for a good cause?!
  3. Pay for a veteran’s meal. If you see a veteran eating at a restaurant you’re in, discreetly tell the server that you will pick up their tab.
  4. Place flowers on veteran’s graves. The families will really appreciate it.
  5. Volunteer time at a VA hospital. Listen to their stories and offer your company.
  6. Talk to your kids about Veteran’s Day. Why is it so important to show our gratitude?
  7. Have your kids make ‘thank you’ cards to pass out.
  8. Say ‘thank you’ when seeing a vet. Such a simple task that will make them smile and feel appreciated.
  9. Wear red, white, and blue. How easy is that?
  10. Invite a vet over for Thanksgiving. Whether it’s a family member or a friend, everyone will enjoy the company and homemade food.
  11. Give up your frequent flyer miles to a vet. Chances are, they haven’t seen their family in a long time.
  12. And last but not least, donate.

We often take for granted the millions of people who serve our country and fight for our freedom everyday. Take time on this Veteran’s Day to say thanks and honor a veteran in a way you find most suitable.


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