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Women are on fire (not literally…unless, they’re fire dancers)! And rightfully so, as March is National Women’s History Month.

In honor of this special month, we joined forces with a socially conscious non-profit UNIFY and their Global Sisterhood movement. With a mission to unite soulful women of all backgrounds, across the globe who are helping people shift from competition, comparison, judgment, and jealousy to respect, love, unity, upliftment and compassion.

On March 8, International Women’s Day, the movement successfully gathered females of all ages and different cultures and created Sisterhood Circles ALL over the world! Women joined together for one common goal: to meditate on healing, uplifting and inspiring through remembrance of worth.

Last year, there were 60,000 circles! #thefutureisfemale

Don’t worry if you missed it, you don’t have to wait a whole year to join! Find a circle near you or create your own: Global Sisterhood Circles

Missions That Align

Just like the Global Sisterhood’s mission, Purium also strives to make the world a better place, too. Our mission offers solutions to better our bodies and minds with superfoods.

We both recognize that a major movement starts with one person. When one person is able to inspire and embrace another, mountains can be moved.

Inspired by UNIFY’s mission, Sisterhood Circles and Women’s History Month, we created a special superfoods pack for women of every path.

The Global Sisterhood Pack offers health support specifically for women. The pack includes:

  • Women’s Defense- naturally assists the built-up defenses of a women’s body 
  • Apothe-Cherry- helps balance circadian rhythms for proper sleep
  • Green Spectrum- supports daily energy
  • Shaker Bottle
  • CHILL Spray – helps relieve stress and promote relaxation on demand

Each product contributes to a sounder body and mind. To care for others, we need to care for ourselves first.

Learn more about the Global Sisterhood and Sisterhood Circles:

Circles Landing

Learn more about UNIFY:




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