Success Story: Dog Groomer Finds Health Happiness


Grooming dogs can be pretty “ruff,” but Shanea is a pro who knows how make things smoother – just like her health.

Last year wasn’t as smooth and shiny for Shanea, as she battled an illness that compromised her health, specifically her immune system. Her most debilitating symptoms were extreme fatigue, chronic pain and brain fog.

“My health plummeted to a point that I thought I was going to die,” admits Shanea. “I finally hit my breaking point.”

Considering her many food allergies, it had been quite difficult to treat. However, after a year of hearing about Purium from her sister-in-law, Shanea relented and watched a health video by Dr. Dana McGrady and felt inspired.

“I simply couldn’t believe that there wasn’t something in the ingredients list that I couldn’t have,” she says.

Despite being skeptical early on, she decided to give Purium a shot. The animal-lover recalls, “My goals were to eat as healthily as possible and to get some relief from my symptoms.”

With the help of Purium, Shanea has been able to do exactly that, while maintaining a more healthier lifestyle. Joint-Flex has helped her body respond to pain and inflammation. Bee Energetic helps with adrenal support and energy. Revive It All has also helped with brain fog and supporting memory retention.

A grateful Shanea exclaims, “These superfoods have completely changed my quality of life.”

While occasionally trying new products, she also loves common Purium staples, like Apothe-Cherry, Biome Medic, Super Aminos 23, Can’t Beet This! and CHILL spray. CHILL spray comes especially in handy with symptoms of depression and anxiety, which are rarely talked about, yet still important for anyone dealing with chronic illness.

“It’s like a zen comes without making me feel altered in any way. I love that stuff!”



She now has a newfound energy that she pours into her everyday life, too. “Purium helps me have the strength and endurance to groom more dogs at work than I ever could before!” And that’s something we love—sharing your happiness and healthiness with others—that’s the good kind of contagious.

At Purium, we know how hard it is to stay healthy in today’s world. That’s why we offer organic, non-GMO, high quality and nutrient-dense superfoods.

“I can actually use these products,” Shanea says. “Other companies load their products with chemicals, fillers and added sugars that could make me extremely sick.”

But don’t just take it from us. Shanea encourages doing your own research and we do, too.

“Check out the nutrition labels on the website,” she encourages. You can also search the web and different health blogs to verify ingredient functions.

Shanea has also spoken to her doctor about using Purium products—something everyone should do when making decisions about their health.

“I took the protocol [and product information] to my doctor and she was actually excited for me to try it.”

While there are no cures for her illness, Shanea remains optimistic. “All I can hope for is to try to eat as healthy as possible so that my immune system has a chance of fighting,” she adds. “I’m confident that I’m giving my body the best weapons available.”

Plus, she was able to lose some weight (30 pounds!) just by incorporating Purium into her day. “That’s a pretty nice bonus,” says Shanea.

We are so proud of Shanea’s strength and persistence and couldn’t be happier to share her successful health journey.

Want to share your own Purium story? We’d love to hear it.




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