National Nutrition Month: 4 Steps to Up-leveling your Nutrition


March is National Nutrition Month! 

As an organic superfoods company, Purium’s passions include helping people up-level their nutrition with our powerful, plant-based products! Enhancing the nutritional value of your daily food intake can transform your body’s energy and give your mind newfound clarity. 

Adding more nutrition into your diet doesn’t have to require expensive trips to the grocery store or endless hours of meal prep. The convenience of Purium products help you get the essential nutrients your body craves. 

To amplify your nutrition, follow these four daily steps that incorporate Purium superfoods! 

  1. Eat More Fruits & Vegetables 

Low in fat and high in nutritional value, fruit and veggies offer important vitamins and minerals that can fuel your body’s energy throughout the day. Try to incorporate your favorite greens into every meal and have a full fruit bowl in your kitchen to grab from when you need a fix. Don’t be afraid to dedicate 3/4 of your plate to vegetables and fruit for each meal! 

Make it fun! Blend up some Apple Berry Power Shake, frozen blueberries, avocado, banana, spinach, and a splash of almond milk for a delicious smoothie that gives you a rainbow of nutrients including antioxidants, healthy fats, and powerful greens. 

According to Aynsley Anderson Sosinski of Lawrence Memorial Hospital, “Research shows that eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables may help lower cholesterol and blood sugar and prevent heart disease” ( 

     2. Consume Plant-based Protein 

Although animal meat can be a valuable source of protein it can sometimes have traces of toxins, and may not be the best option when working to optimize your nutrition. Instead, go for plant-based protein ingredients when cooking your meals to continue energizing your bodies, and help burn fat.

Mix up a tasty trail mix with almonds, walnuts, seeds, raisins, and cacao nibs to fill up fast! Other plant-based protein sources include beans, quinoa, chickpeas, and tofu. 

Our Super Amino 23’s are an extremely sufficient option to provide your body with plant-based protein as soon as you wake up in the morning. Take 5-10 tablets daily to help create lean muscle and improve mental acuity. Also, try our Spirulina; nature’s ultimate whole-food multi-vitamin. It is nutrient-dense, packed with protein, and loaded with marine omega fatty acids. With all the health benefits of Spirulina, Our Cocoa Mint flavor offers a great taste for smoothies and shakes! 

    3. Try Healthy Alternatives to your Favorite Indulgences  

Whether it’s a sweet tooth or a vino craving, these indulgences don’t always have to control our choices Believe it or not, you can still satisfy your cravings while taking care of your nutritional needs. A few alternatives: oat or almond flour over all-purpose flour, vegan butter over dairy butter, dark chocolate over milk chocolate, and coconut sugar over granulated. 

Need some ideas for a healthy after-dinner snack for you and your family? Check out these dessert recipes by the Million Mom Movement including a S’mores shake, doughnuts, and fudge, all prepared with Purium superfoods.  

For those alcohol cravings,  mix a few tablespoons of our Apothe-Cherry with sparkling water. This organic superfruit sour/tart cherry juice, that contains a wide variety of unique antioxidants and phytochemicals for a healthy nightcap that can help you sleep deeper. 

    4. Rethink your Drink 

Creating a more nutritional lifestyle for yourself can be as simple as drinking more water throughout the day. Drink a glass before and during a meal to aid with digestion and monitor your fullness. Often, we believe we’re hungry when our bodies are only thirsty. So, drink up before you eat, to avoid overeating! 

Skip the sugary energy drinks, coffee, or caffeinated tea all low in nutrients and replace them with Can’t Beet This! This organic beetroot juice can naturally power you up for a workout or busy day. Low in sugar, it is filled with natural herbs and plants to support energy levels and has a great tasting Passionfruit and Guava flavor! 

Other excellent substitutes are Aloe Digest and Coco Hydrate





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