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It’s easy to get swept up into the chaos of day-to-day life. However, unhealthy habits sneak in when you let the chaos control you and dictate to your routine. Although Purium helps with half the battle (convenient and optimal nutrition), fitness is of equal importance. Scheduling a block of time during your day to work out isn’t always an option, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego physical activity.

According to the Center for Disease Control, adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity cardio every week for health benefits. In addition, the CDC also lists muscle strength training as a priority twice a week.

If you begin to incorporate a few minutes in your morning, lunch or afternoon break, they will most definitely add up.

Try these fitness routines that includes exercises from successful, Purium-loving athletes. Combine all of these quick exercises for an intense full body workout! These versatile routines targets all your muscles head to toe, and can be completed right in your living room any time of day. 

Lunge Warm Up 

Start your workout with a simple lunge squat routine!

Directions: Lunge back on your left foot bring it back, then lunge back on right foot, bring it back. Squat down. Repeat for 30 seconds. Lunge back on left foot and circle arms around while squatting in lunge. Repeat for 15 seconds. Switch legs and repeat again for 15 seconds.

Fitness Instructor Colleen Hill 

Try this speedy 3-step series to strengthen legs and glutes! Extra challenge: add weights.

Curtsey Lunge into Side Crunch

Direction: Cross your right leg behind left and reach your right arm up in the air. Then bend your knees in a curtsy and pull your right knee up towards your right arm in a side crunch. Repeat 10x on each leg.

Squat with Side Kick 

Direction: Find a focal point to keep your balance and remember to keep your core tight throughout the full exercise. Squat down like you’re sitting in a chair. When you rise back up, kick your right leg out to the side. Then, bring your leg down when you go back into a squat.. Repeat 10x on each leg.

Standing Leg Raise 

Direction: Place your hands on a table, or counter and lean into it, while lifting your leg back and up into the air. Bring your leg back down and your torso back into an upright position – with core control. Repeat 10x on each leg.

Stand Up Paddle Board Champion Alice Batson 


Cardio Squat Challenge 

Grab some dumb bells it’s time for a quick squat cardio circuit!

Direction: Squat down holding dumb bells with elbows bent, stand back up straightening arms overhead hold dumb bells. Repeat for 20 seconds. Put dumb bells down. Squat down and jump up for 20 seconds.

Repeat X2

Fitness Instructor Valerie Washington 


Sumo Squat Hold

The Sumo Squat is a lower-body strength exercise that’s a variation of a standard squat. While standard squats work the glutes, hip flexors, quads, hamstrings and calves, this one has wide leg positioning that works the inner thighs, too! 

Direction: Keep feet together and take 5 steps outward so your legs are in a wide stance. Squat down and make sure your thighs are parallel to the floor. Keep your chest up. Hold for 60 seconds. Keep your core tight and your weight on your heels; make it a goal to lift your toes!

Fitness Enthusiast Seema Rocha 


Plank Push-Up 

The plank position is a simple full body workout! While it focuses primarily on strengthening the abdominals and lower back, planks also work your shoulders, chest, triceps, biceps, back and legs! The plank push-up adds an extra element to help tone your arm muscles. 

Direction: Get into a plank position on your forearms. Keep your core tight, pushing navel to spine. Move from your forearms up to your hands and back down to your forearms. Switch hands as you go up and down. Repeat for 60 seconds.

Personal Trainer Brandon Oshodin 



Another super effective full-body exercise you can do anywhere is a standard burpee!  Incorporating a bit of cardio into your workout, burpees strengthen the muscles in your legs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, arms, chest, and shoulders.

Direction: From a standing position, jump as high to the ceiling as you can then quickly go down into a squat, putting your hands on the ground. Then kick your feet out into a high plank position. Do a push-up before jumping your feet up to meet your hands into a squat position, then jump high to the ceiling again. 

Repeat for 60 seconds.

Professional Boxer Cody Crowley 


Cardio-Ab Workout 

2 cardio exercises in one to target your ab muscles! The faster you go, the more calories you will burn.

 Direction: Start with 20 jumping jacks with controlled breath, in through your nose and out through your mouth. 

Next, squat down and twist your abdominals to the left and stand back up. Squat down again and twist the abdominals to your right. Extra challenge: add arm punches for more momentum! 10x each side. 

Repeat with jumping jacks 3x. 

Holistic Fitness Extraordinaire Lauren Wells 


Full Body Balancing Act 

As we age, our balancing abilities sometimes fall out of wack. This no-equipment quick exercise helps to maintain your balancing skills while working the core!

Direction: Start in a standing star shape and bring your left knee to your right elbow and back out. Then step to the back in a curtsey and return to star. Repeat on same side for 30 seconds and switch after 30 seconds.

Olympic Skier Rebecca Dussault 


Jumping Lunges 

Keep the blood pumping with this killer but quick leg workout.

Directions: Jump left leg back and bend knee towards floor into lunge position, switch legs continuously jumping. Step back instead of jumping for a modified version.

Skier Samantha Duchaine 


Plank to Side Plank 

Continue firing up the abdominal muscles with this 1 minute plank challenge!

Direction: Walk down into a plank position and hold for first 10 seconds. Take weight into left hand raising right arm up to face side hold for 20 seconds. Flip onto your right side and raise left arm holding for 20 seconds. Go back to a plank position on both hands and teeter totter on your toes back and forth for 10 seconds.

Increase difficulty by raising top leg into air while planking on your side.

Holistic Health Coach Katelyn Nissen 


Posture Practice 

Focusing on your body’s posture for a workout is so simple, yet often overlooked! Follow along with High Mountain Athlete, Laura Guccione as you teaches you to keep posture in mind!

High Mountain Athlete, Laura Guccione


Just Breathe

We all know workouts can be fast paced and intense, but there’s a fundamentally important workout we almost always forget to do. Valerie helps us slow down the pace and workout your most important muscle in this 5 minute workshop!

Healthpreneur Valerie Bugarin 


Fire Breath 

Here’s another breathing exercise that can be practiced at anytime of day or during your workout! Fire up the breath and help beat that pesky ego getting in the way of accomplishing all you are made to do.

Holistic Nutrition Coach Isabelle Houle 


Cool Down Chaturanga

Although this yoga flow is a great cool down exercise, Chaturanga helps strengthen the arms , legs, shoulders, and tones the abdominals., and builds healthy shoulders. For beginner yogis, Chaturanga helps prepare the body for arm balances, inversions, and backbends.

Directions: Keep your feet hip distance apart in a standing position, fold forward from the hips and bring your fingertips lightly to the floor. Inhale and come up halfway, lifting your spine in a straight line (parallel to the floor) and placing your hands on the front of your thighs.

With your next inhale, shift your weight to the balls of your feet and feel your hamstrings stretch. Squeeze your belly in and keep a flat spine. 

On your exhale, reach the crown of your head forward, tighten the abdominal muscles and move into a high plank, by placing your hands (shoulders’ distance apart) to the mat and stepping your feet back (hips’ width apart). Stay high on the balls of your feet, press your heels back, stretching the back sides of your legs.

Inhale to shift forward as you keep your shoulders above your wrists.Exhale into a low plank, lowering no more than halfway down, pulling your elbows into your rib cage (for a modified version: go on your knees). 

On the next inhale, move into an upward-facing dog pose by flipping your feet so the tops are on the floor. Lift your face and open your chest and shoulders as you complete your deep inhale. 

Exhale into a downward-facing dog position. Flip and firmly plant the balls of your feet to the floor, send your hips to the sky and point the crown of your head to the mat, while your hands remain planted on the floor. 

Take the flow through 3-5 times to cool your body down from your mini at home workout!

Yoga Instructor Cristina Martinez

Here are a few more exercises that can be done almost anywhere, at any time:

  • Wall sits: Stand with your back against the wall and slide down into a chair position. Hold for 30-60 seconds. For extra effort, you can cross one leg over the other and hold. Switch to balance sides.
  • Chair dips: With your back to the chair and your hands on the edge of the seat, slowly bring your bottom to the floor and then bring it up to the height of the seat. Continue dipping for 10-15 reps.
  • Calf raises: Slightly bend at your knees and raise your heels 12-15 times.
  • Plank pose to down dog: Start in plank pose, and fluidly flow into down dog. Pause in each pose for a moment before continuing the flow.
  • Good, old-fashioned push-ups: Don’t be afraid to modify with bent knees, if needed.
  • Sprints or brisk walk: For 5-10 minutes, do a few 30-second sprints. Or, briskly walk for 5-10 minutes.

If you’re a busy parent CLICK HERE for more fitness tips!


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Fuel to drive your workouts

Working out is one thing, but in order to see noticeable results, your nutrition is also key. Here are a few of our favorite picks to help you get the most out of your workouts.

MVP Sport

Packed with 32 grams of protein from peas, pumpkin, and brown rice, MVP Sport is a great post-workout option for muscle-building recovery without the calories! Digestive enzymes and probiotics allow for easy digestion and assimilation. This organic blend also includes herbs, such as Turmeric, Maca, and Chaga Mushrooms, to target joints for extra recovery support. Naturally flavored for deliciously smooth chocolate or vanilla taste.

Super Xanthin

Take this antioxidant formula before a vigorous workout to help combat free radical damage to muscles and reduce the buildup of lactic acid that causes post-workout soreness. Super Xanthin increases glycogen in the body which helps fuel your cells and gives you sustained energy. We recommend combining this product with our Super Amino 23 so you can get the most out of your workouts!

Super Amino 23

These 100% pre-digested vegan protein tablets can help build lean muscle and burn fat. A core Purium product, Super Amino 23 is featured in the Physician`s Desk Reference for rapidly absorbing protein into the bloodstream in 23 minutes.


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