5 Fitness Tips for Busy Parents


Time seems like a luxury when you are a parent – the 24 hours in a day you get goes to paying the bills by commuting through 45 minutes of traffic both ways…come home to get a well rounded meal on the table for your family, gotta take them to their music lessons and gymnastics and soccer, gotta wash the never ending pile of laundry, breastfeed  your newborn baby, comfort  your little one through their tears and so on…so how are you supposed to find time for yourself?

It can be difficult but it is not impossible when using a bit of creativity. That baby girl getting heavier – she makes for an adorable weight. Incorporate holding and playing with her into a routine – lift her over your head slowly but repeatedly …watch her giggle as your biceps get toned. Get in a sit up position with her on your lap, use your core to lift you up to give her a kiss.

If your kids are just a little bit older, get down on the ground and play with them – a game of follow the leader can turn into some fun active play that has you both getting your hearts going and your bodies moving. Keeping up with kids can be exhausting but it is great exercise!

If you sit at a computer all day – keep your core engaged while at your desk with your feet on the floor. Raise your leg up in front of you and hold for 5 seconds. Then raise it higher and hold for 5 seconds. Switch to the other leg and repeat the same steps. Do several reps a day. Create resistance in all of your muscles while you type away fulfilling your obligation to the job and strength training at the same time. Use your breaks to go on brisk walks or jogs. Make sure to take time to stretch and to rotate your wrists and ankles and to move your fingers.

If you can get 5 minutes to yourself, do David Sandoval’s 5 minute Core workout. This video is very short but effective.

A few more tips:

Make sure to regularly park in the furthest spot when you go to the grocery store, school shopping or to work. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Run up and down the stairs at home if you have them.  Use full grocery bags as weights. Have a dance party with your kids.  Find a Yoga class that welcomes kids and adults. Take your kids to the pool along with a friend and take turns swimming laps and watching the kids.

Lastly, remember the adage – “Fitness is 80% diet and 20% exercise.” So even if you do not have time to work out as much as you would like, make sure that you opt for a predominantly plant-based diet that will help you with your energy and endurance rather than weigh you down.


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