1. So delighted to hear the news that Purium is expanding the offerings available in the Terra Pouches – way to go Purium! And thanks for fun blog and the great ideas on the reusable containers. They are very good quality containers, so hopefully they are being well used and reused many times over.
    Most importantly, I really appreciate being heard, and I admire Purium for stepping up and walking the talk. It means a lot to me and many others, as well.

  2. Good day,
    It is great that Purium is offering options for packaging their products, however AT LEAST AS IMPORTANT for me is the waste generated by my growing collection of:
    -Purium green nylon bags (a fairly useless design barely functional as a backpack and awkward as a reusable bag)
    -9814M shaker bottles
    -9814M tape measures
    -5447 lifestyle guide magazines

    I KNOW if I need a new one of each of these items and would be MUCH HAPPIER if I could opt out of receiving them unless e.g. I lost or broke my shaker bottle.

    FYI – If the green nylon bag was ACTUALLY a reusable grocery bag I would be showing off the name Purium every time I went to the grocery store and would not be disappointed that I have them arrive with my orders.

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