Cold Weather Motivation


Even if you live somewhere with mild weather, like southern California, the winter season can lead to hibernation mode.

The early sunset time, colder air temp and comfort food season attribute to a more lax fitness routine. However, if you can commit to getting your blood moving just a few days a week it can do wonders for your mind, body and soul.

If you’re in need of a workout nudge, this is for:

  • Make it known! Whether you mark your personal calendar or “check-in” to your gym on FaceBook, these are ways to make you accountable to yourself and/or someone else.
  • Get a partner! Friends are a great way to keep us motivated and accountable, plus it adds to the fun. Instead of dinner with a friend, suggest a long walk.
  • Try something new! Hiking in February might not be as enjoyable for you as it would during May. You can try an indoor class or new club sport to breakaway from your routine and start a new one (without a set standard already in place, too).
  • Measure time, not distance! Don’t be hard on yourself. When getting back into a new regimen, it can be discouraging to think “There’s no way I’ll be able to do 5 miles, like I was doing in the summer.” STOP that kind of talk by replacing it with, “I’m giving myself 30 minutes to move.” Keep the bar low so the goal is easier to obtain. And…if you excel – then you’re impressed with yourself!
  • Make a new playlist! Music is a BIG inspiration to pep up your feet and even your speed. Make a playlist of your latest favorite, upbeat songs and ONLY listen to it when you work out. This way, you look forward to hearing your fave beats!
  • Time management! Block out a chunk of your day for SOME kind of fitness. Whether it’s a walk, bike ride, or fitness class – just make the time necessary to achieve it. Also, make room in your day for other tasks like errands or laundry, so they don’t tempt you as an excuse to not work out.
  • Write it down! When you finish an activity, make a note of it in your calendar to feel productive. The more entries you have the more momentum you’ll gain to sticking with it.


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