An UnConventional Good Time!



UnConvention is coming up in less than 10 days! Come to a place where all the pressures of daily life are taken off your shoulders! And then stretch those shoulders out with some yoga, use them to propel you through the pool or to hoist a green drink. Use your shoulders to lift your arms up while dancing or to shake a new friend’s hand. 
Ok, we know you are an entrepreneur, and a weekend outside the city worries you, but have no fear! UnConvention is a party and a think tank rolled up into one. Not only is there free wi-fi, you will also be able to brainstorm with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. Events like this are where breakthroughs happen and businesses advance! 

Giving your body and mind time to rejuvenate is crucial. Growing and expanding your mind and spirit is essential for your life as well as a successful business. This high
vibe event, in the high sierras at the Native Springs Oasis Retreat, will help satisfy all of the above! Live music, pool parties, organic food. Yoga, natural health education, sustainable living. UnConvention will nurture your spirit and cause your belief in your business to grow. 
Almost 350 Purium tribe members will be ascending to the Native Springs Oasis for UnConvention on April 7. Joining us means you will be “connecting with the rising generation of inspired, passionate visionaries and influencers who are hungry for real and profound change and healing to come about in our bodies, families, finances, communities and ultimately for the earth and all her children,” says Sarah Rhinelander, a 2-Star Crown with Purium Health.
“We are a growing force of youth, artists, activists, parents, healers, and heart-centered leaders, many of whom have been disenfranchised by the current power structure and the health care, agricultural and economic systems that have left so many with so few options. 
What we have is not perfect, but from all I have experienced in my life I can with certainty say that that it is a better way that most. We work hard and we PLAY hard!! Together we are growing and I am grateful and proud of the works that we are creating. This family friendly event will be packed with ceremony, education, yoga, permaculture, music, amazing food and the BEST community vibes,” Rhinelander ensures.


 An opportunity like this to rejuvenate yourself and your business with the help of Purium’s management and other successful leaders on David Sandoval’s serene 60-acre land does not come often!  Bring your best friends, your entrepreneur-minded neighbor, your millennial niece or nephew, anyone looking for residual income and time freedom or who wants to live their healthiest life.  walkway
“The world is changing. People yearn for a genuine connection, to feel part of something special, closer to the earth, and to celebrate detached from the norms of their daily lives. That is why the festival scene is attracting more millennials than Nascar, NFL and MLB combined. I personally want to encourage you to be at UnConvention if you had not already planned on it. Weather report – balmy 70s during the day, perfect for fun activities and play. Temperature at night – perfect for cuddling or hanging around the campfire. Now accepting challenges for our giant Jenga game or water volleyball or horseshoes or any other fun game onsite!” invites Purium Co-founder and Visionary, Dave Sandoval.
sunset  From our Kids Zone to our Permaculture tour to our pool parties and DJ dance parties to our organic food and Purium smoothies to our Fun Zone for Adults to our yoga classes to our trip to the Sequoias to the fire dancers and campfire songs to our educational speakers and entertainers, to our tipis and on, UnConvention has a little something for everyone!
fire dancer
Purium Co-founder and President Amy Venner-Hamdi adds, “Beyond the hustle and bustle of our exciting regular Convention, UnConvention brings the whole Purium family together as a community to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. We have so many fun activities, tons of delicious food, and amazing bonding opportunities planned. Riadh and I are so excited to bring our girls! Looking forward to breaking bread with our reunited Purium family and making new friends while also learning more about each other and ourselves!”
*UnConvention Work/Trade Option available – just $50 for organic food & 3 volunteer hours per day!
*Click here for an UnConvention Video by our Millennial Advisory Council


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