Sweater Weather Purium Recipes


We’re officially into the fall season which means it’s time for you to have some sweater weather recipes on hand! As tasty as these recipes are as the weather starts to get colder, a lot of times they tend to be unhealthy. That is why we put together four of our favorite Purium themed recipes that will get you ready to enjoy the fall season without having to sacrifice your health!

Super CinnaBuns

It’s hard to deny how delicious cinnamon rolls are. Thanks to the Million Mom Movement, we have this amazing Super CinnaBun recipe to satisfy those sugary cravings. Featuring Purium’s Caramel Apple Fiber Blend and Tropic Oil, this recipe tastes great and can help support healthy immune function, enhance bowel function, and support healthy cardiovascular function.

Beetroot Latte

Love lattes? Try this healthy recipe courtesy of @wild_earthacupuncture on Instagram. With Can’t Beet This!, this hot beverage will warm you up and keep you energized throughout the day or before a workout, without having to worry about crashing later or any extra unhealthy additives. 

No Bake Chocolatey Cookies

No need to fire up the oven for this tasty recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth! These “No Bake Chocolatey Cookies” are super simple and contain our Epi-Genius Kids making these treats significantly more nutritious than the cookies you are used to making.

Protein Hot Chocolate

On a chilly day, it’s hard to beat a nice hot cup of chocolate to warm you up. Just like the “No Bake Cookies”, this “Protein Hot Chocolate” contains our Epi-Genius Kids to provide the chocolatey taste which will likely make this the healthiest hot chocolate you have ever tried!

Need some more healthy recipes? Check out our recipe book and join our recipe Facebook group!



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