Getting the Most Out of Your Product: 3 Things to Know About Powder Density


If you have been living the Purium lifestyle for a while, you may know our process of getting our superfoods to your door. Let’s go over a quick refresher!

We partner with farmers and vendors worldwide to source our whole foods. We also use dehydrating and freeze-drying methods in order to create nutrient-packed, fresh superfood powders, capsules and tablets. Finally, our superfoods are packed into our home compostable Terra Pouches and shipped to your doorstep!

As we continue to honor our commitment to converting to plastic-free packaging, you can expect more of our products to transition to Terra Pouches.

Because of this, we want to take the time to explain product density and serving size measurements so you can get the best out of our superfoods. We are committed to going plastic-free, so we removed our scoops. Now, we want to ensure you can still properly measure your product.

Here are 3 things to know:

  • Our products are packaged by weight, not volume in accordance to 21 CFR:111; therefore, slight difference in volume may occur batch to batch.
  • Our serving size suggestions should be leveled, not rounded.
  • There is a difference in product density, depending on if it is packed or loose.

Serving Sizes

Looking for a serving size for our products? Serving sizes can always be found on your product’s nutritional label. On our Terra Pouches, you can peel back the front part of the product label to see the nutritional panel. See the image below. 



For products that are still stocked in plastic containers, the nutritional label with serving size recommendations will be on the back of the product.

Serving sizes can also be found on our website. Just pull up the product page for the product you are interested in. The information can be found in the Suggested Use section.

Measuring Out Serving Sizes

One thing that is important to know is that our serving sizes should be measured out flatly, rather than rounded. For example, our Power Shake serving size is 5.5 tablespoons. So you should be sure to measure out each tablespoon as leveled as you can instead of using scoops that are more rounded.

Have you ever scooped your powder with a measuring spoon and notice that there is powder on top that looks sort of like a small hill? You’ll want to avoid using heaping scoops like that for Power Shake and Super Meal, especially when on an Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation, to avoid running out of product prior to the 30 days.

Product Weight

Our product packages are measured by weight, not by volume. This is important to keep in mind when reading our labels.

Checking out the Nutritional Label, you will see a weight measurement next to serving size. For example, check out the Power Shake label: 5.5 tablespoons = 35.5g of product. See the label below.


If you wanted to find out the total weight of product for any reason, you can simply multiply the serving size by the number of servings. In the example of Power Shake, it would be the serving size weight of 35.5g x 15 servings.

Product Density

When you receive a product, density could be the last thing on your mind. Yet, it is still important to think about in order to get the best out of your superfoods.

Earlier, we mentioned how our products can be found in capsule form, tablets or powder form. While all of these forms are great ways to easily deliver nutrients and whole foods to your body, density does play a role in your serving.

For example, products that are packed into capsules have a packed density. This means the powder has been packed into a small area.

However, product that is in powder form starts as a loose density and can become packed from sitting on the shelf or riding in the delivery truck. That’s why we have a #PuriumHack to “fluff” up your product before use.

To “fluff” up your product means to loosen the density by adding a little pressure to your Terra Pouch,  either rolling or gently massaging the bottom portion to move it from a packed state to semi-loose state (always with the product closed). Everybody loves a good massage and so does your Power Shake. To ensure your product lasts for 30 days, just remember to loosen the density before you scoop.

*Looking for a solution to clumped product? Check out our Product FAQ blog for tips on how to handle and more scientific discussion on why clumping occurs. 


Educating about our products is one of our favorite hobbies! Stay tuned to our blog to learn more about our farming practices and more.

Do you have product questions that need a Purium expert to answer? Send your question to Ask Purium. 



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  1. Powder has become one of the most essential nutritional supplements that people rely on, so it’s good that we can educate ourselves on the matter with pieces such as this. Good insight!

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