From Their Farm To Your Doorstep: Mushrooms


It’s a fairly common misconception that the mushrooms we consume are found underneath logs, in enchanting, damp forests. While those scenes make for beautiful photos, they don’t make for high-quality consistency.

Some people still rely on the traditional forest method of drilling holes in logs, filling it with mycelium, sealing the hole and…waiting. However, this method can’t guarantee a steady crop of organic nutrition (or ward against potentially dangerous risks).

Which is why Purium relies on our certified organic and kosher mushroom farm that has spent the last 30 years modernizing an old technique to insure their fungi has the highest level nutritional value.

The owners of this Midwest business have travelled the world to obtain unique mushroom strains (and equipment) to pioneer a modern way to cultivate mushrooms. The owners realized how pure they could grow their fungi within a controlled environment with controlled elements.

Instead of a using a log, they sprinkle mycelium on top of sterilized sawdust in a jar. In fact, 600,000 jars can be “incubating” at any one time. At just the right moment, jars are then moved to harvest rooms that have low temperatures and high humidity. The indoor farm takes great pride in providing the mushrooms just the right conditions to grow the perfect mushroom. Each week, over 60,000 bottles are hand-harvested.

It is their care and attention to detail that makes Purium proud to be a customer. We both believe in the benefits of natural foods and stand by the quality of our products.

In the spirit of the mushroom, why not incorporate some organic shiitake mushrooms in your next meal? Roasted with herbs, sauteed in a stir-fry, raw in a salad, or marinated in vinegar!



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