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General FAQs:

I’m interested in your cleansing packs!  What is the difference between each one? How do I know which one one is right for me?

Our packs that can support cleansing fall into 3 different choices, depending on your mental and physical needs and where you are at on your personal healthy living journey.

One of the main differences between the packs are flex foods and lifestyle meals. On a 10-Day Transformation, there are no scheduled lifestyle meals (however, you are free to eat one if you need); however, these meals are scheduled and encouraged on a Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation and Daily Core 4.
We also encourage you to check out our cleansing collection here for more products to support cleansing!

I followed a Purium program, why didn’t I lose weight?

One thing to remember is that our main goal is to help you embrace healthy living. Weight loss is going to depend on your body and it may just be the icing on the healthy-living cake (the only one you can always splurge on). Of course, we supply average results that our Customers have experienced, like 12 pounds for an Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation. Yet remember, that does not mean you will lose 12 pounds. Weight loss is not always guaranteed–one thing we can guarantee: our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied, feel free to take advantage (see the policy for requirements and more detail)!

Don’t forget, weight loss isn’t the only marker of healthy living. You’ve been flooding your body with nutrient-dense food and are possibly experiencing better energy, digestion, mood, skin and sleep. If you feel good and healthier (better than you were before), that’s pretty fantastic.

Other factors to consider include stress and muscle gain. Stress inhibits weight loss and muscle gain can also contribute. Watch Dave Sandoval explain.

I used Purium and I didn’t lose weight, do you know why? from Purium Transformation Company on Vimeo.

Why is my product clumping and what can I do?

If you do not see your question below, you can ask it here for Purium Experts to answer. Please only submit your question once.

Is there information on how Purium products can help with high cholesterol?

We are not doctors and cannot provide medical advice. However, many customers experiencing the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation (ULT) and/or Daily Core 4 have reported healthy blood lipid levels. The fiber and insoluble fiber, including oats, have been widely studied in supporting healthy blood lipid levels. Check out the reviews on the ULT and Daily Core 4.

My product is expired. What is the shelf life on product?

Purium products have a long shelf life. If the product looks and smell fine and is not clumped, it is most likely okay to use it. However, it may have lost a bit of potency, but it wouldn’t be harmful.

What type of testing is done on Purium products?

Purium conducts a thorough battery of tests for contamination on all of our products. Purium products are well within federal and state mandates regarding content of heavy metals, environmental contaminants, radiation, and microbial organisms. You can learn more by checking out our blog:

Where are your ingredients sourced?

We believe that there is nothing more beautiful or tasty than Mother Nature’s variety of plants. That’s why our flavorings come from delicious foods like Luo Han Guo, beets, cacao, mint, apple, lemon and more. Our ingredients are sourced from high-quality farms from all around the world.

Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation FAQs:

What happened to the 40-Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation?

We now offer the 30 Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation. The 30 Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation (ULT) is the new generation of Transformation packs from Purium. Beginning in 2005 as David Sandoval’s celebrity 10 day Transformation & Cleanse, then morphing into a 40 day Program in 2018, Purium has helped thousands achieve their weight loss and cleansing goals over the years with this core set of products.

Our ULT pack contains all the products you know and love, such as:

– Power Shake (60 servings – 1 Plastic Tub + 2 Terra Pouches) Terra Pouches are our new eco-friendly packaging.

– 2 Apothe-Cherry

– 2 Biome Medic

– 2 Super Amino 23

– 1 Super CleansR

– 1 Blender Bottle

– A Lifestyle Guide & Placemat to help guide your journey

You can purchase and learn more here:

If you would like to customize your experience, check out the Customizable ULT by clicking here.

What ULT Option is the best for me?

  • If you want a more simple experience that can be tailored to your diet, we suggest Option 1 (Simple Option).
  • If you are looking for a challenge, Option 2 (Accelerated Option) would be the best path for you. The 10-Day immersion is also incorporated in this schedule.
  • If you would like to follow an Intermittent Fasting Plan, Option 3 would be best.

Check out our Lifestyle Guide to learn more. Watch Dave Sandoval explain.

Which path is best for me if I’m just starting out on the Purium Lifestyle? from Purium Transformation Company on Vimeo.

Is the ULT completely gluten free?

No, Biome Medic contains a minute amount of gluten. In a study conducted regarding gluten in the Biome Medic, the conclusion was that “one would have to ingest almost 10 pills per day to be exposed to the same amount of gluten contained in a single serving of gluten free pasta, and over 500 pills to reach the threshold established in the American Society for Clinical Nutrition study from 2007”. If you don’t feel comfortable with any gluten, you can use Aloe Digest and Ionic Elements in its place.

Learn more about our gluten free protocols in this blog.

Is the ULT suitable for those with gluten sensitivities?

Watch Dave Sandoval explain.

Is the ULT suitable for those with gluten sensitivities? from Purium Transformation Company on Vimeo.

Can pregnant woman and breastfeeding moms use the ULT?

Watch Dave Sandoval’s answer.

Can pregnant woman and breastfeeding moms use the ULT? from Purium Transformation Company on Vimeo.

Can Children Do an Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation?

Watch Dave Sandoval’s answer.

Can Children Do an Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation? from Purium Transformation Company on Vimeo.

Can I continue taking my regular vitamin supplements I was taking before I started my ULT?

Watch Dave Sandoval explain.

Can I continue taking my regular vitamin supplements I was taking before I started my ULT? from Purium Transformation Company on Vimeo.

Can I substitute Super Meal or Epi-Genius for Power Shake in the 30 Day Lifestyle Transformation?

Watch Dave Sandoval’s answer.

Can I substitute Super Meal or Epi-Genius for Power Shake in the 30 Day Lifestyle Transformation? from Purium Transformation Company on Vimeo.

When I’m doing a 30 Day ULT, what foods am I allowed to eat?

Watch Dave Sandoval’s answer.

When I’m doing a 30 Day ULT, what foods am I allowed to eat? from Purium Transformation Company on Vimeo.

If I am not hungry on the ULT, is it ok if I do not eat?

Watch Dave Sandoval’s answer

If I am not hungry on the ULT, is it ok if I do not eat- from Purium Transformation Company on Vimeo.

Can you use stevia on the ULT?

As far as stevia, anything like a concentrate, you can be very selective and use a small amount, however, our Co-Owner Dave Sandoval believes that the overconsumption of stevia should be avoided. All things in moderation and choose your quality carefully.

After I finish my Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation, what comes next?

The best answer to this question is a combination of quality whole foods and Purium superfoods!

We recommend using:

If you’re looking for recipes, we have so many amazing recipes on Facebook, in our guides and on our blog. More importantly, you can use our recommended Flex Foods (the same one you used on your plan) & Lifestyle Meals that offer you the wonders of carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, proteins, spices, cooking oils and everything you need to create satisfying meals. The list has something for vegans, vegetarians, kids, meat-eaters and everyone else too! There are endless meal options, all you have to do is decide what you want and cook it up!

NOTE: After the 10-day Immersion period in Schedule Option 2, it might be hard for some to transition back to eating. You can start out having 1 meal a day and continuing with two shakes a day as outlined in Day 21-30 on the schedule. Watch Dave Sandoval explain the answer.

After I finish my Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation, what comes next? from Purium Transformation Company on Vimeo.

Can I use the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation during my monthly menstrual cycle?

Your cycle should be taken into consideration when using the ULT. Our Co-Owner Amy Venner recommends to follow Schedule Option 1 as the Accelerated Schedule Option 2 may not necessarily line up to be the best choice for your cycle. The beautiful part of our Simple Schedule Option 1 is that there are no limitations on food choices for your 1 meal a day, so timing may not play as big of a role as it would with the Accelerated option.

Our Co-Owner Amy does not recommend going into the restrictive, immersive portion of the ULT Schedule Option 2 when your hormones may be driving to nourish yourself more and/or causing cravings. Instead, start your Day 1 of the ULT with your cycle so that you would theoretically finish your cycle and experience the “hardest” part of the ULT (Day 11-20) when you feel the most balanced during your cycle. Amy also recommends not starting the immersion portion of the ULT a week prior to the start of your cycle. Watch an explanation.

Can I do a ULT during my Monthly Cycle? from Purium Transformation Company on Vimeo.

Why am I constipated on this program and what can I do?

Water really is the key. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

If your Transformation does not include Biome Medic, you may want to consider using it. This product lends extra and safe cleansing support to the bowel and repopulates friendly bacteria. Take 2-4 capsules daily.

This is a common issue for any low-calorie detox and is the main reason why Flex Foods are important and why we offer them in the first place. For example, the fat in the avocado and/or the fibers in the apple when combined with the proper water intake will create an excellent lubricating and absorbing mechanism which will greatly assist in maintaining bowel motility at this time of reduced food intake. Also remember that chewing your food well aids in the digestive process.

If constipated after the 2nd or 3rd day, I strongly suggest that you drink the following mixture before bed: juice 2 lemons, 1 tbsp. finely ground Himalayan sea salt or Epsom salt, 1 Tbsp. Apothe-Cherry and 8 oz. water. When you wake up, you should experience a waste release elimination that next morning and should not have that issue for the rest of the time.

Another great technique is a stomach exercise:

  • Stand up straight then bend straight over and rest hands on thighs.
  • Take a few deep breaths, and then exhale all air.
  • Now pull in the stomach and try to have it touch the diaphragm.
  • Now push back all the way out and repeat this 2-10 times or as many as you can without taking a breath.
  • Repeat this entire exercise 5-10 times and this really massages the intestines increasing mobility.
Salt / Cherry Flush (Optional)

If you are prone to constipation, we suggest using a stool softener or salt flush to open up the detoxification pathways, one suggestion called the “Salt / Cherry Flush.” If you are not eliminating regularly on your own during the fast, every other day you can flush your bowels of accumulated waste and toxins by doing the following.

  • Wake up 1 hour early to allow time to complete the flush
  • Mix 1 qt. warm water with 2 tsp. Himalayan sea salt (or other non-iodized natural salt)
  • In a separate glass, mix 4 Tbsp. Apothe-Cherry with 12 oz. cold water
  • Drink the salt water (from step 2)
  • Immediately lie down on your left side for 20 minutes, keeping the Apothe-Cherry drink in reach
  • Drink the Apothe-Cherry
  • Resume lying on left side for 20 additional minutes
  • Sit on the toilet with feet elevated several inches off the ground. If you don’t have a Welles Step, use a small stool or stack of thick books.
  • Expect to be eliminated within minutes. However, if you are not successful the first time, try again the next morning and you should see results.

Reminder: DO NOT pass gas unless sitting on the toilet. Results may vary on the initial salt cherry flush.

If I have loose bowels for several days, should I stop the program?

No, this is a fairly common detox effect as the body releases toxins. You may want to make your shakes a little thicker and, if you are taking Super CleansR, go down to one capsule per serving. If your Transformation includes Biome Medic, you may want to consider cutting down usage to 2 capsules daily max.

I feel bloated. What should I do and why?

Bloating occurs because of either water retention or constipation. You may be getting too much sodium. Are you putting sea salt on your avocado or cucumbers? Maybe stop if you are taking Super Lytes, lower your serving amount. If you are experiencing a lot of gas, try a teaspoon of the 40x Aloe Vera to eliminate the stomach acid that causes gas and bloating. Many people notice less bloating while using Biome Medic.

How much water should you drink while on the ULT?

When you are on the ULT, hydration is key! Make sure you are drinking about half your body weight in ounces of water.

Does the water in the Power Shake count towards my water needs that day, why or why not?

The answer depends on you. We encourage you to use less water in your drinks (unless you need it), so that your sole intake will be pure water. Every day, the schedule encourages you to drink half your body weight in ounces of water. Even too much of a good thing can be bad, though and too much water can lead to bloating. In this case, feel free to reduce water levels in your Power Shake.

May I take pain relievers if I have a headache? (If not, why and what should I do instead?)

We are not doctors. You are your own advocate. If you find that you need to take a painkiller, go for it–listen to your body. Just know that non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs and medications (NSAIDs) have been known to cause adverse reactions in regards to the liver. Feel free to search the internet on this topic and research for more info!

Headaches are often caused by stress, tension, dehydration or a rise in short-term blood glucose levels and there are several natural alternatives that may help. Hydration is first and foremost, so electrolytes are always helpful (psst, Coco Hydrate is delish!). Some people have found an extra serving of Apothe-Cherry also help, as they help the body’s response to inflammation. You can also try massage techniques or aromatherapy with white willow bark.

Always remember to contact a doctor, should you feel it’s appropriate! Watch Dave Sandoval explain.

If I get a headache during my ULT or 10 day immersion, am I allowed to take a pain reliever- from Purium Transformation Company on Vimeo.

10-Day Cleanse FAQs:

Where can I find the 10-Day Schedule?

On page 10 of the Purium Lifestyle Guide, you would follow the section marked as “Day 11 – 20” as the 10 day cleanse follows the same format as the Immersion period of ULT Option # 2, Accelerated Schedule.

Click here for the Lifestyle Guide.
Click here for the 10 Day schedule on its own.

Is a 10-Day program really 10 days? My friend said I should add 2 – 3 extra days, but I don’t know if I can do that. Can I adjust the program to my own schedule? Can I stop for any reason?

Have you ever run for exercise or even for PE class as a child? Before you run, you stretch and make sure that your muscles and tendons are warm and stretched. You warm-up for a couple minutes before running for 20 to 30 minutes. For some people, they can go running without stretching and be perfectly fine, but for others, they absolutely need some warm-up. The same logic applies for a Transformation.

So ask yourself, are you going to be able to do it without showing your body a microcosm of what it can expect to experience on the cleanse? Prepare yourself as you see fit. This is YOUR Transformation, not anybody else’s. You should try to stick to the appropriate Transformation schedule for the best results, but don’t be afraid to make adjustments based on your own experience, willpower and strength. You can apply this answer to other questions about stopping a Transformation (like if you have a cold when starting a Transformation). Just know that the more you deviate from the appropriate schedule, the more different the intended results might be.

Many people opt to follow a Daily Core 4 schedule to warm up with the products and get mentally prepared, before jumping into their 10-Day Transformation.

What will a 10-Day Cleanse be like?

It is a life-changing transformation…we are not saying it is easy, but we are definitely saying it is worth it! It’s a true gut check, a challenge.

It’s something we’d like to call, The 10-Day Roller Coaster. It may be challenging at first, but stick with it.

You might experience something like this:

  1. Excitement – The journey begins!
  2. Fear – I don’t think I can do this.
  3. Anger – Who got me into this?
  4. Resentment – Did I make the right decision?
  5. DEFINING MOMENT – Do I stay or do I go?
  6. Acceptance – I can and I will.
  7. Realization – This isn’t so bad.
  8. Inspiration – Wow, I feel the results already!
  9. Attention – My energy levels are high!
  10. EXHILARATION – I am so proud of myself!

May I consume other Purium products while doing the 10-Day Cleanse?

Yes! The specific products depend on your goals AND your body. You can take all capsules and even powders, depending on the calorie-count. Some people love the Super LOV (available in original and vanilla chai flavor). It adds some calories because it has high-test whey. Other people double up on their Super Amino 23 servings or take Super Xanthin. The only possible exceptions to this are anything with too much fiber. You would not want to take the Daily Fiber Blend if you are already taking the Super CleansR. Most Purium products are totally okay to use during a 10-Day Transformation, but again it is going to be based on your own preference.

Is it safe to follow the 10 Day Immersion period for longer than 10 days?

Not knowing you as an individual, your urgent weight, BMI, activity profile, etc, our Co-Founder would say that the answer is a cautionary “yes.” So long as you are consuming flex foods and water consistently and do not allow yourself to become malnourished or dehydrated for lack of flex foods and additional water, we have seen people follow this lifestyle, albeit including one meal per day, for over 6 months. Our Co-Founder is confident you could extend beyond ten days with these intelligent precautions.
We are not medical professionals, so be sure to consult your doctor.

Flex Food FAQs:

What’s the difference between a Flex Food and a Lifestyle Meal?

Think of Flex Foods as snacks and Lifestyle Meals as, well – meals.

  • Flex Foods are organic, super fruits and vegetables.
  • Lifestyle Meals are 300-calorie meals comprised plants and can include lean animal protein, if that’s what is good for your body!

Watch Dave Sandoval explain.

What’s the difference between a Flex Food and a Lifestyle Meal? from Purium Transformation Company on Vimeo.

Can I use Purium Products as Flex Foods?

Watch Dave Sandoval explain.

Can I use Purium Products for your Flex Foods? from Purium Transformation Company on Vimeo.

Can I still eat foods that do not appear on the Flex Foods or lifestyle Meal list?

Watch Dave Sandoval’s answer.

Can I still eat foods that do not appear on the Flex Foods or lifestyle Meal list? from Purium Transformation Company on Vimeo.

Why aren’t bananas or starchy vegetables advised on 10-Day Transformations?

Bananas are not conducive to weight loss. Bananas can cause constipation for some people while on the cleanse. They can also turn into a carbohydrate and become sticky, which is not great for a cleanse. Though, bananas in the morning are pretty good when you’re not on a Cleanse. When they are ripe and in season, they can be good for you; however, when under ripe or outside of season they, are not as good for you. Watch Dave explain.

Why aren’t bananas or starchy vegetables advised on a 10-Day Transformation? from Purium Transformation Company on Vimeo.

Can I have more than 1 Flex Food at a time during the 10-Day Immersion / Acceleration?

There may be 2 ways to answer this one:

1: Yes, you can definitely combine multiple Flex Foods together to create one dish, but depending on how much you use of each Flex Food, it may make up more than 1 serving. For instance, you can make a “salad” with 1/2 cup of spinach, 1/2 avocado and a chopped cucumber (with lemon or vinegar, salt, pepper, or herbs) – but this will be 2 Flex Food servings for one dish.

2: At the end of the day, the Flex Foods should be your best friends. While 3 servings are the baseline, this is YOUR cleanse and you are in control. If you find the 10-Day Acceleration too challenging, you may want to try the non-accelerated schedule where you eat one healthy Lifestyle Meal every day for 30 days.

Why is cottage cheese permitted on ULT if we should omit dairy?

With the ULT, we make suggestions for dietary habits depending on where people are on their personal journey. Depending on your baseline, moving to a healthier option could possibly be cottage cheese or poultry or a fish option.

Cottage cheese is not an approved flex food and therefore would not be recommended in ULT Schedule Option 2. However, Option 1 is more flexible.

Can I use balsamic vinaigrette or olive oil on my flex food?

While we encourage you to only stick to our Tropic Oil (ie., Coconut Oil), we also believe in modifications. If you do opt to go this route, use a very light amount of virgin, raw organic olive oil. Vinegar may also help you feel full and suppress appetite. ALSO – have you ever tried a little bit of Apothe-Cherry as dressing? If not, you are missing out on delicious nutrition!

How are exercise and Lifestyle Meals related? What does a Lifestyle Meal look like?

For every half hour of exercise, you can have 1 Lifestyle Meal of 300 calories. If you are working out hard, that is the calorie offset. If you are not working out hard, maybe just have 150 calories. What the calories will look like will depend on the food. It could be a small amount of chicken and rice or just one cup of yogurt. Watch Dave Sandoval explain.

How are exercise and Lifestyle Meals related? from Purium Transformation Company on Vimeo.

Does the Power Shake count as a Flex Beverages?

The Power Shake isn’t technically considered a Flex serving, but if you need it, go for it.

Which Purium products can be used as Flex Beverages?

Organic Kamut Blend, Organic Barley Juice, Green Spectrum and More Greens, are all fine.

Does the water in the Power Shake count towards my water needs that day, why or why not?

The answer depends on you. We encourage you to use less water in your drinks (unless you need it), so that your sole intake will be pure water. Every day, the schedule encourages you to drink half your body weight in ounces of water. Even too much of a good thing can be bad, though and too much water can lead to bloating. In this case, feel free to reduce water levels in your Power Shake.

What are the natural flavors in Purium products? Should I be concerned with how those calories affect Lifestyle Meals?

Seeing “natural flavorings” on the labels might confuse you or even cause you to raise your eyebrows. But, no need to worry. Our natural flavorings are 100% plant derived. There’s no animal parts, no anal glands from beavers (gross!), no beetle shells or anything like that. Our flavors are never derived from weird chemicals. 100% of our flavorings are 100% plant derived, extracted from a bark or a root, oil or even a leaf.

To get flavor profiles, there are different things you do to plant parts, like use their enzymes. We get these through different processes that may include:

  • extraction
  • roasting
  • boiling
  • compounding
  • grinding

Our natural flavors never contain anything that isn’t amazing–no MSG, GMOs or anything like that. We wouldn’t do that to you! They do not affect your Lifestyle Meals in any way. They are also low-calorie, so fret not!

Learn more about Flex Foods and Lifestyle Meals HERE.

Product FAQs:

Are the oat flour and grains fermented and processed in the Power Shake?

We have chosen gluten free oat powder for its ability to form gummy beta glucans. These gummy beta glucans stick to the intestinal wall and when combined with the nutrients in the Power Shake, become a brilliant delivery mechanism like timed release nutrition through the body.

Since oats are the only grain in our formula with the exception of rice, and we only use the fat portion of the bran part of the rice, sprouting the rice would not be helpful, as is the case with oats, as sprouting oats reduces their gummy beta glucan efficiency. For that reason, we are very confident you will be satisfied with the efficacy of our products.

Is Apothe-Cherry pasteurized?

Apothe-Cherry is pasteurized. Food regulations require it to be pasteurized for food safety purposes. It goes through flash-pasteurization, so it is minimal.

I’m currently using Apothe-Cherry, but I’m still having trouble sleeping. Can I have more advice on how to get better sleep?

There are a few different reasons why we can’t sleep. Here are a handful of them with some tidbits of advice:

  • Liver detoxification – Our liver detoxes overnight and that can affect our sleep. Having a glass of warm water with fresh lemon juice added first thing in the morning can help our liver during that process. A warm bath before bed is also helpful. Chlorella is an additional support for detoxification.
  • Inner chatter – It’s not easy to close our minds off when it’s time to sleep. In a dark, quiet room, all we have left is our thoughts and sometimes they run a mile a minute. You can help quiet that chatter by taking a pen to paper. Sometimes writing our thoughts before bed helps us fall asleep quickly and sleep more serenely. You might also try to do a sort of meditation. Hold your breath and hold your arms in the air. Then, let your breath out and let your arms fall to your side. Something about doing that takes some of the oxygen out of your brain and helps you to relax. CBD+ may help support relaxation.
  • Krebs cycle (sodium potassium pump) – If you have too much potassium in your body, your muscles will be firing and you won’t be able to relax. During the Krebs cycle, potassium enters cells in the morning, giving you the energy you need in the daytime. Sodium helps you push potassium out of your cells,which can then help you sink into bed and go to sleep at night. If this process is not regulated though, you could have a harder time falling asleep. To avoid messing with this regulation, make sure you are getting enough sodium during the day by taking Super Lytes or adding sea salt to flex foods. If you’re on a cleanse or Transformation, avoid bananas and potatoes in the morning because it can affect regulation.
  • Lack of melatonin – Lack of melatonin production can lead to restlessness at night. By the 3rd or 4th time you are taking Apothe-Cherry, that should be supported.
  • Exhaustion before bed – Some people will make themselves tired before bed by doing activities. You won’t want to workout right before bed though, because that might keep you energized to stay up! Instead, perform another activity that can make you cool down and mellow you out, like reading or meditation.

Is the Apothe-Cherry bottled in a nut-free facility?

We cannot say that we are completely “nut-free,” because a truck that carries our shipment of ingredients may also carry nuts at some point. However, even though we cannot guarantee that at this time, we can tell you WHICH nuts: slivered almonds, walnuts, coconuts and hazelnut flavor. We can also assure you that the machines are cleaned and flushed before use. The cherries are also washed before use. The manufacturing staff follows every precaution to avoid any cross contamination.

How many grams of protein are in Super Amino 23?

Super Aminos contains around 5 grams of protein in 1 serving (5 Aminos); however, you will get a full 5 grams of utilization versus other dietary protein sources which are utilized 35% to 65%. Gram for gram for protein, Super Amino 23 is more potent.

What is the protein source of the Super Amino 23?

Our Super Amino 23 is sourced from non-soy legumes.

What is the difference between Super Lytes and Ionic Elements?

Super Lytes are very specific in their purpose–their job is to re-hydrate you and ensure that your Kreb’s cycle functions properly, which is especially good for athletes or for during a cleanse or Transformation. They help rehydrate you so you don’t get constipated and they help you sweat properly. Super Lytes should be taken as per the directions, but you can also take a little bit less if you find you are retaining water or if you’re using sea salt in your flex foods and meals. Sodium is vitally important to maintain your blood pressure level, your Kreb’s cycle and the peristaltic action of your body.

If you are somebody that works out a lot or has a solid sodium source in your diet, you might find that your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level due to lack of salt during a Cleanse or Transformation. Super Lytes is a designer salt pill that can help with that.

Ionic Elements was originally used for the Transformation, but it’s not as efficient as the Super Lytes. Though, it still is an amazing extract, with fulvic acid and trace minerals. Super Lytes is just better suited for the Transformation, compared to Ionic Elements.

What is the difference between the Daily Fiber Blend and the Super CleansR?

When designing the Transformation, there needed to be a product that could help regulate fiber, so Daily Fiber Blend was added on. But in the first Transformation packages, we learned that not only were the Ionic Elements not efficient enough, but the Daily Fiber Blend was not either. The problem was that there was so much to consume! In a Transformation, you have a certain amount of water you need to drink, and Apothe-Cherry and Power Shakes…the list was too extensive for some people. Because of this, they would neglect taking Daily Fiber Blend, because it was just becoming another liquid/shake they needed to take. We are always listening to our consumers and saw this area as a place to improve.

We worked hard, did our research, and finally came up with Super CleansR. The Super CleansR is NOT the same as Daily Fiber Blend. It should be used for only 10 days. If you have loose stools, you can reduce use by one capsule. It’s that simple. The Super CleansR helps provide deep cleansing, stimulation and elimination of deeply embedded toxins and parasites. You can repeat Super CleansR after 20 days of latency. In a 40-Day plan, it is used in the first and last 10 days.

Daily Fiber Blend is just as it sounds–fiber for every day! You can use this for daily support or in between Super CleansR sessions. When the Transformation is over, it’s great to add that into your regimen to keep you regular and your bowel healthy throughout the year.

Daily Fiber Blend can be taken daily with the Powershake for optimal weight loss. This is because Daily Fiber Blend’s key ingredient, “Rice Bran Fiber,” naturally increases adiponectin (also known as the “skinny hormone”). This can help burn fat more efficiently.


These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The recommended use of Purium Health Products is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Always consult with a professional medical practitioner before taking any dietary supplement, especially if pregnant, nursing, taking prescription medications or under a doctor’s medical care.



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