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Purium prides itself on being the Transformation Company. So, we know there is a lot more to health than just transforming your eating habits. What comes after a Transformation is just as important.

Product-formulator and Purium Co-Owner Dave Sandoval created a system of synergestically-designed products that can help you live a happy + healthy life by:

  • Transforming your eating habits
  • Sustaining your new lifestyle
  • Refining your body’s performance based

Dave and co-owner Amy Venner have talked at lengths about transforming with the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation and maintaining your new healthy life with Core 4.

Recently, Purium’s co-owners also opened up about fine-tuning your body based on specific function and body part. If you missed the Zoom, don’t worry–here’s a quick guide with link to watch.

Purium Head-to-Toe Recap

(Click the photo to download the guide) 

After completing your Transformation, Dave + Amy recommend adding Core 4 on your Smart Order and adding in any one of the above products that well best support you.

If you would like to hear Dave + Amy speak more in depth about these products, watch the Zoom.

Check out these products on iShopPurium.

Dave and Amy go LIVE every Wednesday for a special Lifestyle Zoom at 6pm PT. Stay informed about topics by “Liking” and “Following Us” on Facebook.


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