Introducing Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation



We’ve taken our most-cherished, life-changing Purium pack and upgraded the experience. Today, we’re introducing you to to the new Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation. 

Transformation Benefits

What’s Changed?

We’ve simplified your journey to permanent, lasting change. This program has now been modified to a 30-Day period as opposed to the standard 40-Day period. Don’t worry, if you still like the 40-Day Nutrition, it is still available.

What’s more, there are three different ways to Transform! Whether you want to work your way into an immersion period or practice intermittent fasting, there’s a method that works for you.

  • 30-Day supply of superfoods
  • Replace two meals per day (for only $11)
  • Choose your own schedule

Want to learn how the Transformation first began? Listen to this Zoom here. 


Do you want a shot at winning a year’s worth of Core 4 for FREE? Everybody who is on their path to Transforming can enter to win! Just submit your Day 0 & Day 30 details while you complete your journey. (Enter here).


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