Secrets to a Successful New Year’s Resolution


Everyone makes New Year’s Resolutions for a healthier New Year, but how many people actually follow through? For some people, New Year’s is an endless cycle of making goals just to fail to achieve them.

This year is special because we aren’t just ending a year, we are ending a decade. So let’s make a resolution to achieve our resolutions!

Purium Founders Dave Sandoval + Amy Venner Hamdi recently shared their secrets to successful New Year’s Resolutions in their weekly Lifestyle Zooms. Are you ready to end your cycle of failed resolutions?

Here are the key points from their Zoom. Feel free to scroll down for the full video link.

New Year’s Resolutions

In order to better understand why your resolution failed, let’s understand how our brain works. Here’s a little anecdote we love to talk about.

We have to be careful about our thoughts. Our recurring thoughts become our actions. We also have to be careful with our actions. Our recurring actions become our behaviors, our personality and ultimately, our destiny.

When you don’t achieve your resolution, it is not because  you are a failure — it is most likely because you are stuck in a bad habitual cycle. When we fail, psychologically, we build up a sort of “muscle memory” of habit that acts like a hard shell, impeding us from change.

Chemically, our brains attach enzymes to our thought patterns. That is how our habits are formed, like going for a run every day or always grabbing a bag chips on your way to the grocery store check out line.

In order to change, we not only need to break our bad habit, we need to break it consistently. Most nutritionists believe it takes about 100 days to form a healthy habit. But once you get past those days, your habits become a positive feedback loop.

Suddenly, you won’t have to think about breaking those bad habits, because you’ll already be following a new habit.

Purium Shaker bottle, eco-friendly

How Purium Fits In

Here at Purium, we like to help people form healthy habits. Why? Well, because when your body is properly nourished, you will be feeling well, sleeping well and eating well. When you are in this mindset, being healthy becomes a sub-conscious decision.

When you are feeling well, you are more likely to make better decisions for yourselves and the world around you. That is the philosophy around our 40-Day Transformation – Nutrition and our daily Core 4.

By ingesting nourishing and detoxifying foods from Core 4 on a daily basis, you will be able to make healthier habits in your day to day life.

Watch the Zoom

Want to learn more about the details of making successful resolutions? How about learning about the ultimate Purium secret to hangovers after New Year’s parties? (Oh yes, you read that right.)

Watch the New Year’s Resolution Zoom here. 

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