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Welcome back to another installment of Zoom Recaps with Purium! Today, we’re recapping perhaps of one of our most important Zooms — “Purium for the Whole Family.”

This past week, Purium Owners Dave & Amy dedicated their Lifestyle Zoom to discuss something that is super important to every member of your family. It may be something you see constantly covered in the news or in articles as you scroll through Facebook.

No, it’s not another viral Tik-Tok dance craze – we’re talking about glyphosate. Whether you are familiar with this herbicide or just learning about it, take a quick read for a few tid-bits of information. Scroll to the bottom for the Zoom link if you’d prefer to watch!

Zoom Recap – Biome Medic for the Whole Family

The Problem 

Pretty recently, food manufacturing titan Kellogg’s issued a statement promising to phase out usage of glyphosate on their wheat before harvest (during the supply chain process) by 2025.

If you didn’t know, glyphosate is an agent that is purported to kill plants and grasses to regulate crop growth, without causing harm to humans. However, this herbicide has been tied to class-action lawsuits alleging that the glyphosate led to major health consequences. Yet, this herbicide is still widely used, and shows up in measurable amounts in our food supply. You can read more here

We’re happy to see the company move in that right direction, but there are a few points we cannot avoid. Amy specifically shared her thoughts.

She recalled the time she first heard about the dangers of specific chemicals in sunscreen. She did not wait five years to take action — she immediately threw out the sunscreen she had. She researched better options for both her and her family.

So…how could Kellogg’s just let families wait 5 years for change? Again, we recognize the HUGE step, but we would like to see a little more action. After all, when Dave & Amy first discovered glyphosate, they knew they needed to act quickly.

If you’d like companies to be more responsible about their practices with glyphosate, you can join the Million Mom Movement every Friday on Zoom to discuss activism. See here for details

Biome Medic in hands

The Solution 

During the Zoom, Dave & Amy shared the origin story of Biome Medic, the only product in the world that has decreased glyphosate levels in humans in a pre-clinical trial.

Dave researched glyphosate and found that it could not be washed off food or cooked away. He also discovered something even more troubling.

Glyphosate-advocates claimed that glyphosate only acted on a metabolic level in the shikimate pathway in plants. They said this pathway did not exist in humans.  Yet, they did not comment on the living organisms inside the body–bacteria that lives in your gut microbiome. So, how could we help protect our families gut microbiome?

Thus, Biome Medic was created! This capsule contains a gut-supporting formula. If you’d like to learn the nitty and gritty about this formula, we suggest tuning into the Zoom link below!

Last year we took that formula and added it to a great-tasting blend for your kids and even your dogs too (learn more about our Epi-Genius line here)!

Zoom Link

Watch the Zoom replay here. Dave and Amy host Zooms every Wednesday. Check out our Facebook page to stay updated on Zoom topics.


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