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A transformative, substantial, and healthy lifestyle is only possible if built on a strong and solid foundation. Purium’s Daily Core 4 pack provides a nutritional foundation for a beneficial wellness journey that will help every human body flourish. 

A Core 4 lifestyle gives you convenient consumption of massive amounts of pure, raw, organic, and vegan superfoods delivered right to your doorstep. With rich protein, fruit, vegetable, and detoxifying gut health sources at your fingertips nourish your body hassle-free by opening it up to pathways that eliminate toxins and create cellular satisfaction. Keep scrolling for Core 4 videos, product details, a 30-day schedule and tracker, and Success Stories! 

Designed in consideration of human physiology, human metabolism, and human potential, the Core 4 package is made up of 4 pillars of natural Purium products that cleanse the body and satisfy its critical needs at a cellular level. Listen to Purium Co-founder Dave Sandoval discuss the purpose and benefits of each of the products and ingredients implemented in the Daily Core 4 pack on this Lifestyle Zoom!


BUILD with Pure Vegan Protein

Super Amino 23

Everybody needs protein, but even high-quality animal-sourced proteins leave behind a toxic acid called uric acid, which is naturally damaging to many parts of the body.  Purium co-owner, Dave Sandoval, compares its effects to pouring acid inside the engine of your car. 

Super Amino 23 is a high-quality protein supplement with minimal impact on the body and maximum benefit. These pre-digested vegan protein tablets can help build lean muscle and burn fat. Super Amino 23 is featured in the Physician’s Desk Reference for rapidly absorbing protein into the bloodstream in 23 minutes. Leaving no toxic residue, Super Amino 23 helps improve mental acuity, tighten skin, and build collagen to provide lean and healthy muscle.

May help:
  • Create lean muscle

  • Burn fat

  • Tighten skin

  • Improve mental acuity

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DETOXIFY with Superior Gut Health

Biome Medic 

Designed for creating superior gut health, Biome Medic’s all-natural ingredients fulfill nutrient absorption and toxin elimination. It can help improve digestion, flush out harmful toxins, support “good” bacteria, and protect and repair your microbiome from GMO damage. A pre-clinical trial of this product indicated a 74% reduction in glyphosate, a widely used herbicide that poses a major health risk to consumers, in only 6 weeks. A 75% reduction in C-reactive protein, the biomarker for inflammation, was shown as well. 

Biome Medic can also boost your mood by enhancing the production of a critical hormone generated in our gut: serotonin, the hormone that creates feelings of happiness. Gut reparation leads to not only higher serotonin levels but greater stem cell production that translates to feeling younger and healthier.

May help:

  • Detoxify glyphosate

  • Improve digestion

  • Boost mood & immunity

  • Reduce C.R.P.

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NOURISH with Super Greens & Fats

Power Shake

Functioning as a diverse powerhouse of super greens and healthy fats, the Power Shake helps create energy and hormonal balance inside the body. Ingredients include gluten-free oats that quickly turn into betaglucare helping nutrients stay in the body longer, organic spirulina, nature’s multivitamin protein that is loaded with omega 3’s, beta keratin, and B Vitamins, and millet, a high-protein seed that has soluble fibers our bodies need. Other sources in the Power Shake that help fuel your cells are organic carrot juice, wheatgrass, amaranth, alfalfa, quinoa, buckwheat, chia seeds, Lo Han for sweetness, and an organic apple-berry flavor for taste.

May help:

  • Improve energy
  • Reduce cravings
  • Fuel your cells
  • Create satisfied feeling

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REGENERATE with Organic Super Fruit



One serving of this tart, cherry-flavored antioxidant can equal up to 10 servings of fruit. As a natural dose of melatonin, Apothe-Cherry promotes a deep and restful night’s sleep. In the Zoom, Dave points to scientific findings that say a state of deep sleep helps our body trigger memory, eliminate stress, reduce fat, and repair damage. It also acts as a powerful and healthy response to inflammation that seems to reverse aging both visually and physically within days. 

May help:

  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce free radical damage
  • Beautify skin
  • Create a healthy response to inflammation

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• Super Amino 23 (5 tablets) For optimal results, wait 30-60 minutes before drinking Power Shake

• Power Shake (5.5 TBSP with 20 oz. water)

• Biome Medic (2 capsules) Biome Medic aids in waste elimination. Based on your body’s digestion response, modify by reducing 1 capsule per serving as needed. 

EVENING (30-60 minutes before bed)

• Apothe-Cherry (1 TBSP with 8-10 oz. water)

Make it Your Own!

Some opt for L.O.V. Super Meal and/or Epi-Genius Kids, instead of Power Shakes. These options are interchangeable with Power Shake if you choose to purchase either the Daily Core 4 – Customizable or Daily Core 4 w/ Epi-Genius Kids. You may use a 1/2 serving of two different shakes anytime a Power Shake is called for on the schedule, if you have the Daily Core 4 w/ Power Shake AND L.O.V..


Our Daily Core 4 comes with a placemat full of support. Download the Daily Core 4 Schedule. 


Whether you are looking to maintain your healthy lifestyle or want to gently ease into a transformational journey, the Daily Core 4 provides the baseline nutrition you need for both.

There is no pressure to modify your existing diet – just take 1 serving of each product every day. 

If you are interested in a bigger transformational journey, set a goal to do an Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation. 


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