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As news of the devastating glyphosate issue continues to make its rounds across your social feeds and television screens, we continue to learn more about the negative effects of this herbicide.

We continue to hear just how bad glyphosate is, how it is a danger to our families and how it is practically unavoidable.  Yet, we are not hearing what we can do about this problem.

So, today, let’s talk about the solution.

Today, we’re going to talk about the background of this herbicide and just how detrimental it can be to your health. Then, we’ll talk about the only known solution to glyphosate: our Biome Medic.

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The Problem

Just in case you didn’t know, glyphosate is a herbicide, which is used to kill weeds.

For decades, the herbicide has been sprayed all over crops, from the green grasses in our front yards to the fruits and vegetables that make their way to our dinner tables. In fact, the journal Environmental Science Europe reports the herbicide ranks among the most used pesticide in agriculture.

Since the herbicide’s first use in 1974, researchers estimate that Americans have used around 1.8 million tons (1).

So, what’s the problem?

In 2015, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer reviewed studies of glyphosate use and found that it is “probably carcinogenic to humans.” You can read the report yourself here.

From the day of this report’s release, a cavalcade of misinformation and press releases have left many confused and searching for truth. So let’s get into this issue a little deeper.

The Research

Cell Activity 

According to The Scientist, glyphosate is purported to not have any affect on humans or animals. Instead, it is designed to stop protein synthesis in plants, by blocking a specific enzyme from production. In that fashion, it is a pretty effective weed killer.

However, this chemical compound seems to be doing more than just that.

Many researchers believe the chemical may bind to receptors in the body, causing complications for hormones and the immune system. Early animal research suggests that glyphosate may impair mitochondrial function, too. (2) (Basically, mitochondrial function describes how nutrients are taken from cells and turned into energy).

However, more research is needed to verify glyphosate’s exact cellular influence on the body.


What’s more, some studies have linked glyphosate to cancer, specifically non-Hodgkin lymphoma. This lymphoma is a cancer that develops in the immune system.

Most recently, one meta-analysis published in Mutation Research/Reviews in Mutation Research found a “compelling link” between glyphosate exposure and risk of developing non-Hodgkin lymphoma. (3) It’s worth mentioning that three of the authors of this report served as scientific advisers on the Environmental Protective Agency’s (EPA) panel on glyphosate.

The authors expressed that they did not believe the EPA followed sound scientific practice in their own glyphosate analysis, where the entity did not find a correlation between the herbicide and cancer.

But those researchers are not the only ones who had issue’s with the EPA’s analysis. Another analysis published in Environmental Science Europe in early 2019 argued that the EPA neglected evidence that proved a correlation between glyphosate and potential damage to human genetics. (4)

While this topic is highly contested, it seems where there is smoke, there is fire. Earlier this year, the US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry released its toxicological draft about glyphosate for the public. (Read it here.)

So, what did they find? Unlike the EPA, they could not deny a possible link between glyphosate and an increased risk of cancer.

Despite these findings, glyphosate continues to be used on lawns, school yards and farms.

We know this was all a lot of bad news. But no worries, we have some good news. There is hope in sight.

Glyphosate is a problem, but Purium has the solution: Biome Medic.


The Solution

Biome Medic

Purium Founder Dave Sandoval recognizes glyphosate toxicity as “one of the greatest threats to our health today.” That’s why he worked with a team of experts in creation of Biome Medic, the world’s only glyphosate solution.

Its exclusive and proprietary formula contains prebiotics and probiotics to help flush out bad bacteria from the gut microbiome, allowing the good bacteria to flourish.

Here are the pure and premium ingredients:

  • digestive wheat germ extract
  • chicory root fiber
  • fulvic and humic acid
  • bacillus coagulans (probiotic)

Together, these ingredients help promote a healthy gut.

What’s more, the Detox Project awarded Biome Medic the Gold Standard Detox certification for glyphosate reduction.

In one double-blind, pilot study, Biome Medic use was linked with a 74% decrease in glyphosate levels. What’s more, participants in the study experienced a 75% decrease in C-reactive protein. C-reactive protein is a major biomarker of inflammation. Inflammation is seen as a precursor for other diseases as well. You can read the Biome Medic study here.

So far, Biome Medic is the only product in the world that has reduced glyphosate levels in a pre-clinical trial. We’re honored!

Learn more about Biome Medic:


After Biome Medic was released, our Founder Dave wished to help the world even more. He noticed that even our kids and pets were exposed to glyphosate on an every day basis.

So, he created our newest line of products, Epi-Genius, based upon the science of epigenetics.

Glyphosate is everywhere — from the cereals we feed our children in the morning to the food that we feed our dogs. That’s why it is important to fuel our bodies with the nutrients that can help support healing from this awful herbicide, on a daily basis.

We created Epi-Genius to make daily nutrition easier, with a daily dose of Biome Medic. In this way, Epi-Genius and Biome Medic are related. Think of them as a family of products that support your family and protect them from the dangers of glyphosate. Now, there is no need to keep track of multiple products. Just mix up one of these delicious blends and go.

Get to know the products:

  • Epi-Genius Kids: Contains fruits, veggies, essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, protein, and Biome Medic. It’s kid-tested and parent approved! Read our blog about Epi-Genius Kids for more information.
  • Epi-Genius Dogs: Contains joint-support herbs, essential sea greens and gut-supporting plants. Protect your pups health easily, every day. Learn more about Epi-Genius Dogs in this mini-guide.

Stay Happy + Healthy

At Purium, we want to help you feel your best. Check out our collection of products on

* These statements and products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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