Biome Medic is Detox Certified!


Last week, the Detox Project announced Biome Medic as the first EVER product to receive a Gold Standard Glyphosate Detox certification. Woot, woot!

But what does that mean? And is it actually as cool as it sounds? YES!

The Detox Project is an organization that aims to help make the health/wellness industry (and companies who sell nutritional cleanses) more accountable and honest. They are motivated to educate consumers with the truth about products and we are proud to aline with that same principle.

The Detox Project extended their mission with 4 certification programs that bring validation to a field that is often met with skepticism and ambiguity.

Certification Background

The Detox Project has two different glyphosate-related certifications: Glyphosate Residue Free and Gold Standard Glyphosate Detox.

Just as a refresher, glyphosate is a harmful pesticide that is commonly used on crops. The World Health Organization defined it as a “probable carcinogen in humans.” While, many companies (like us) make sure to use non-GMO foods that are free of glyphosate, there are still so many foods and food products that contain it (some unknowingly) – making it nearly impossible to avoid consuming glyphosate.

The Glyphosate Residue Free certification verifies food and supplements that do not contain glyphosate, even in small residue amounts.

The Gold Standard certification is a step up as it accredits products or programs that help remove glyphosate from the body. In order to be certified, products must be studied in independent, third-party clinical trials. In addition, it must show a statistically significant glyphosate reduction of 30% or more.

Biome Medic and Gut Health

Our gut is our second brain. It is connected to different areas of our bodies, aids regulatory functions and can even affect our mood. Herbicides like glyphosate wreak havoc on our guts, messing with balance. When our guts are compromised, our bodies are vulnerable.

Biome Medic helps repair the gut microbiome by nurturing “good” bacteria and helping to flush harmful toxins. In a double-blind trial, Biome Medic proved to be successful.

Words From Our Co-Founder

Co-Founder Dave Sandoval is proud of Purium and Biome Medic, and has some wise words about Biome Medic:

“I am excited to be joining with The Detox Project to address one of the greatest threats to our health today. Glyphosate toxicity is reaching unprecedented levels in men, women, and children across the world. And while our ultimate goal is to stop its use and remove this harmful chemical from our environment, something had to be done immediately to protect us from its dangers and eliminate it from our bodies.”

Check out Biome Medic today!

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