Success Story: Living Her Purium Truth


Good news travels fast (especially on social media…). That’s exactly how Alison Rand found Purium and is never looking back.

When the 41-year-old logged onto Facebook one day, she found a touching story from her friend, Carol Withers who was opening up about the realities of her health journey. As Carol had turned over a healthy new leaf in life, Alison was in need of her own fresh start. She was dealing with an imbalance that stopped her body from regulating nutrients properly and that contributed to major weight issues.

Alison recalls, “I knew if she [Carol] was using these products, they had to be worth looking at.”

Wanting a taste of Purium, Alison linked arms with her husband and together they each dove in with 30 days of Core3 and 10-Day Transformations for each of them.

She was pleasantly surprised with her first results.

“Since I wasn’t losing weight for years, I wasn’t focused on that,” says Alison. “However, to my surprise, I lost 6 pounds the first week with Core 3.” She was inspired to start her 10-Day afterward.

Alison has now whole-heartedly embraced the Purium lifestyle. Today, she’s completed multiple 10-Day Transformations, including the Cleanse and the Athletes’ packs.

“This is a new way of life,” the she shares. “To learn how my body feels with deep nutrition has been so eye-opening.”

Since then, she’s added Core 3 and Core 4 to her daily health regimen. She’s noticed some improvements in her overall health. She no longer needs a daily nap — and she enjoys deeper sleep and more energy than ever before.

Her other favorites include Immuno – Max and Super Xanthin.

“I never want to go back to my old ways because they didn’t serve me well,” Alison says. “I feel better today than any other year in my adulthood.”

Everyone finds something they love at Purium and for Alison, it’s the Super Meal L.O.V. She also loves that all Purium ingredients are natural and some are even soy-free. Plus, the full transparency about what goes into our products, because everyone should know what is putting into their bodies.

“I am beyond grateful,” says Alison. Since first using Purium in May 2017, she has lost 48 pounds. Now she’s spreading the word and hopes other will join the Purium mission.

“You are not alone,” she says. “Take it day by day and focus on the positive changes, no matter how big or small.”

“I mean it when I say Purium gave me a life I didn’t know was possible.”

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