How Purium Helps Tennis Star Perform Her Best


We pride ourselves on helping the world elevate their health and nutrition. From non-athletes  wanting to shed excess weight, to elite athletes. Purium aids those looking to fuel their bodies with pure and premium ingredients. 

Where passion goes, abundance flows! We are happy to have best-in-class athletes as strong members of our community. In fact, Professional tennis player Jessica Failla has relied on Purium superfoods to perform her best against the best. Learn more about her journey. 

Jessica’s Background

Jessica is a recent graduate of Pepperdine University and has been a Purium advocate for eight years. As a star tennis player, she had a lustrous collegiate career, including being an All-American and being the #1 college tennis player on the Universal Tennis Rating system from January 2021 to March 2021. She currently competes professionally and is ranked #475 in the world. Jessica’s goal is to be ranked in the top 200 in the world by the end of the year. 

Why Purium

Tennis is a grueling sport that requires a combination of endurance and strength to compete at the highest level. Other than the hard work spent refining their craft and working out, elite athletes, like Jessica, also need their nutrition to be on point. 

Nutrition provides athletes with the nutrients and energy needed to meet the demands of exercise and training. It’s also one of the major factors in facilitating recovery. Countless nutrition brands are available today, and it can be challenging to see which brands are healthy and which brands simply claim to be healthy. 

“A lot of other products have so many sugars in there. It’s kind of crazy when you look at the labels and you see what it is marketed as realizing how much sugar is in there,” Jessica says. 

Another area where Purium helps Jessica is providing her a guaranteed source of essential nutrients from fruits and vegetables. As an athlete that travels across the world, access to certain foods is never a sure thing. 

“It can definitely be limited. But with these products, I know that my body is going to be able to get what it needs to be able to compete at the highest level. I would definitely say that is my favorite thing about Purium. I know regardless of what situation I’m in, how hot it is out, how tough the tournament site might be, I’m going to be able to compete and do what I do best because my body is going to have the fuel to do that with Purium.”

Jessica’s Go-To Products

Power Shake

“My absolute favorite is the Power Shake. I always make sure I have it with me. What’s so great about the Power Shake is traveling internationally playing tennis, you never know what food you’re going to have access to, what time your flights are, all different things. And I think with the Power Shake, I always know regardless of what different food options are available to me, I’ll have the nutrients, everything I need by taking the Power Shake.”

Nourish your body with super greens and healthy fats. A core Purium product, Power Shake is our legacy green drink that can help energize and balance alkalinity every day. 

More Greens and Organic Kamut Blend

“I feel like those have so many good fruits and vegetables that really help me in the longevity of the tennis matches. Also, depending on where you’re at, you could get sick eating the fruits or vegetables there. You never have to stress about trying to incorporate that in your diet because you know with More Greens and Kamut Blend, you can have that right there for you every single day.”

More Greens is a blend of superfoods, probiotics, ginseng, and bee pollen. It can support healthy immune function and is an excellent source of chlorophyll. 

Organic Kamut Blend is a juice extract from the leaves of Kamut, a superior non-GMO, non-crossbred, nutrient-dense heirloom-seed Egyptian wheatgrass. It is a great source of chlorophyll and green vegetable nutrients and can aid in achieving healthy pH levels.

MVP Sport

“I usually take MVP Sport after my workouts. Such great protein, 0 sugar in that. That’s something that I really found that’s really helped gain me muscle. You know when you play a four-hour tennis match, you definitely need to replenish your body.”

Packed with 32 grams of protein from peas, pumpkin, and brown rice, MVP Sport supports muscle-building recovery without the calories.


“I take it at night and I think that really helps with my recovery. In the Summer, I’ve finished a professional tennis match at 10pm at night and was back at the courts warming up by 10:30am the next day. They can be super quick turnarounds. And I think the Apothe-Cherry is definitely something that helps with recovery.”

Apothe-Cherry contains a wide variety of unique antioxidants and phytochemicals to help balance circadian rhythms, support healthy joint function and promote healthy uric acid metabolism.

If you want to take your performance and nutrition to the next level like Jessica, shop our diverse superfoods collection today! 


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