Holistic Fitness Success Stories


A holistic approach to fitness requires specialized formulas. Our pre- and post workout products will help transform your body and your approach to fitness AND help provide noticeable difference and improvement in your performance.

Take a look at how our products have helped fitness professionals and non-professionals alike!

Note: These individuals have used products featured in our Holistic Fitness Pack as well as products featured in our Athlete’s Collection. In addition, many committed to their own personal fitness/exercise routine.

Success Stories

Tal K

“I’ve become a happy, health Vegan CrossFit Junkie (coming from a S.A.D. [standard American Diet] Way of life 20 months ago that’s HUGE!)…Oh Purium how do I love thee!”

Candice R. 

“Purium products have become a key part of my life. Whether it is with competition prep or day-to-day use, Purium has proven to be an amazing line of products. ”

Jenny C

“When I got a wrist injury after regionals, I let myself eat whatever I wanted and wasn’t training. I agreed to do a [Purium plan]… I woke up with tons of energy and was sleeping better than ever… I was extremely shocked at how quickly I shredded up.”

Mark M

“10 years as a non-meat-eating athlete, I have searched for super high quality, organic, non-GMO ingredients. At 48 years old, I am in the best shape of my life because of Purium. I’m lifting heavier weights, have better endurance, pushing my limits further than when I was in my 20’s.

Ikaika P.

“I struggled with putting on muscle mass and building strength for about 5 years, from age 21-26 I stood at 170. Two years ago, I tried Purium and since then I put on a solid 15lbs of muscle mass and a whole lot of strength and fitness gains.”

Chris B

“I was a bodybuilder eating up to three pounds of meat a day and taking supplements and stimulants to fuel my body. Since then, Purium products have reduced my meat consumption to under one pound a day. I no longer have pain in my joints, sleep deeper and recover faster than before. I feel amazing.”

Darrel L

“I was very happy this time to be able to return back to the gym with the [help of Purium]! The focus this time was not so much losing weight but adding lean muscle and without a doubt I am now in the best shape of my life! Thanks again to my Purium Family for all of your support!”


“I finally found a product line I can get behind 100% – just like I get behind yoga and fitness 100%! The results have been INCREDIBLE in my life in countless ways personally and professionally. And the cool thing is… I feel like I’m just getting started.”

Antonio M

“At my age, I need that extra edge. I know so many people on steroids, but I haven’t had to do that because Purium has helped me sustain a healthy lifestyle. I have been using the products for several years and I can feel the difference from before. I recover faster, I heal faster, I am more focused.”

Product Reviews

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Super Amino 23 – From Jeremy (on iShopPurium Super Amino 23 product page): “The Most Efficient Dietary Source of Protein!! These aminos are so powerful!! The fact that they have a 99.5% utilization rate and are pre-digested is incredible. I love using these because then I don’t have to worry about my protein intake from food… I could just enjoy food! These are amazing to workout with, I always do 10 prior to a workout… and they work like a charm. I love the elasticity they provide too. Overall, they are perfect… I recommend them for any lifestyle.
Can’t Beet This – From Andrea (on IShopPurium Can’t Beet This product page): “Best energy drink! When I started with PURIUM 6 months ago, I’ve made this delicious juice my pre-workout staple combined with 5 Super Aminos 23. I call it my “willpower powder“💪 Within 30 minutes I feel alert and ready to go! At the gym I am more focused and now enjoy getting into my routine rather than watching the clock or wishing I was already done. Game changer!😊 “
Super Xanthin – From Tanya (on iShopPurium Super Xanthin product page)  “Amazing for muscle soreness! This is one of my favorite products that Purium offers. This stuff really works. I teach yoga for a living and I am either constantly doing the poses with my students or taking a class to keep my body moving and healthy. Sometimes if I wait to long between practicing I can overdue it and will tend to be very sore the next day. But now all I have to do is take two Super Xanthin before bed at night, and I wake up without any muscle soreness at all. It’s amazing how well it works to reduce inflammation and soreness. I can’t live without it.”
MVP Sport Chocolate – From Bill (on iShopPurium MVP Sport Chocolate product page) “Delicious! I love the MVP chocolate post-workout. Great flavour, mixes easily with water (no lumps). Many protein powders I’ve tried in the past have a chalky texture, but not this one. Smooth and silky. Yum.”

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