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Flex Foods/Beverages and Lifestyle Meals are a way to control your intake, retrain your hunger cravings and fuel your body with optimal nutrients while following any of the Transformation schedule options.

A good way to understand the differences are to think of Flex Foods/Beverages as snacks and Lifestyle Meals as, well…meals!

  • Flex Foods/Beverages are organic, super fruits and vegetables that provide you with flavorful taste, a chewing sensation, and the overall experience of eating. They transform stress eating from a negative to a positive by replacing comforting or familiar unhealthy food choices with organic super fruits and vegetables.
  • Lifestyle Meals are the meals you choose to compliment your Purium program. These are based on your ideal healthy lifestyle. They can be plant-based, high-protein or any dietary type that you prefer. For extra inspiration, join our Purium Recipe Group on Facebook. 

Flex Foods will naturally become your go-to snacks! You can even use organic tropic oil, fresh squeezed lemon, Himalayan sea salt, raw honey, or fresh herbs and spices, for extra flavor.

Ideal Flex Foods:

  • 1 Avocado
  • 1 Apple (Eating apples first thing in the morning can help wake you up.)
  • 1 cup Watermelon
  • Unlimited! Celery
  • Unlimited! Cucumbers
  • 1 cup Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale or Spinach
  • 1 cup Berries
  • 1 cup Sauerkraut or kimchi (no additives)
  • 1 cup Summer squash (winter squash not permitted)
  • 1/2 cup carrots
  • Hemp, almond, coconut, cashew or oat milk -Unsweetened 
  • Kombucha
  • Organic vegetable broth
  • Decaffeinated herbal tea
  • Coconut water
  • Purium green drinks: Organic Kamut Blend, Organic
    Green Spectrum, Organic Barley Green Juice, Organic
    Spirulina, Chlorella

Accelerated 30-Day Schedule Suggestions

Consume 3 servings of a Flex Food or Flex Beverage per day.

During the 10-Day Immersion, some people prefer eating a serving every time they take their Super Amino 23. Others prefer drinking a serving of non-dairy milk with their Power Shake.

If you decide to combine Flex Foods to have a more meal-like experience, keep the total serving to one cup. Example: sautée 1/2 cup squash with 1/2 cup of kale in garlic and coconut oil.

Keep in mind, the purpose of any plan is to create healthier habits, so listen to your body. If you feel like you need more nutrients, definitely indulge in an extra serving — it’s better than relapsing into a tub of ice cream!

You’ve got this!

FAQ’s For Accelerated Schedule Option

What foods are NOT permitted – if you want to be very strict? (Remember, this is for the accelerated schedule option). 
Winter squash
Potatoes (white/red/sweet)
All Dairy
Meats of any kind

Why aren’t bananas or starchy vegetables advised?

Bananas are not conducive to weight loss. Bananas can cause constipation for some people while on the cleanse. They can also turn into a carbohydrate and become sticky, which is not great for a cleanse. Though, bananas in the morning are pretty good when you’re not on a Cleanse. When they are ripe and in season, they can be good for you; however, when under ripe or outside of season they, are not as beneficial.

Can I have more than 1 Flex Food at a time during the 10-Day Immersion?

If you feel like you need more nutrients, definitely indulge in an extra serving.

You can even combine multiple Flex Foods together to create one dish. Depending on how much you use of each Flex Food, it may make up more than 1 serving. For instance, you can make a “salad” with 1/2 cup of spinach, 1/2 avocado and a chopped cucumber (with lemon or vinegar, salt, pepper, or herbs) – but this will be 2 Flex Food servings for one dish.

At the end of the day, the Flex Foods should be your best friends. While 3 servings are the baseline, this is YOUR cleanse and you are in control. If you find the 10-Day Acceleration too challenging, you may want to try Schedule #1 (on the place-mat and at the top of this blog) that isn’t as strict.

Can I use balsamic vinaigrette or olive oil on my flex food?

While we encourage you to only stick to our Tropic Oil (ie., Coconut Oil), we also believe in modifications. If you do opt to go this route, use a very light amount of virgin, raw organic olive oil. Vinegar may also help you feel full and suppress appetite. ALSO – have you ever tried a little bit of Apothe-Cherry as dressing? If not, you are missing out on delicious nutrition!

Does the water in the Power Shake count towards my water needs that day?

No, every day, the schedule encourages you to drink half your body weight in ounces of just water.  20 oz of water per Powershake is the recommendation for the feeling optimal fullness.  You may reduce water level in your Power Shake for taste preference

Lifestyle Meal Ideas

For more information, download our Fall 2020 Lifestyle Guide. 



      1. That’s just not true… I don’t see this information printed anywhere in this kit … It’s very dissappointing it didn’t come with the kit I just purchased. Really there should be a little book with this info in it that comes with all the stuff.

        1. I certainly agree with Liz. For what is being charged for this product and having to search for and print any and all basic information you need to use and shop for what this program cost is VERY dissapointing.

        2. I agree. There needs to be a more clear Path. There is al this info Provided but nothing that says how I am supposed to start this 30 day cleanse and when I can eat flex foods and what the flex foods are.

          1. This guide is really helpful! I order my products not that long ago and this didnt came with my order and no link is provided for this guide.

          2. Hi Xochil, placemats with helpful QR codes are sent with our Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation. Thank you for this feedback. We will add this link to our blog to help others as well.

    1. The packaging, the hard to read ACCELERATED 30-DAY SCHEDULE, the lack of a printed guide/flex foods, not to mention the assumption that everyone has the latest Smartphone is disappointing. I’m into fitness and there is nothing with this program that I didn’t already know…including tart cherry juice. I’m hoping the POWER SHAKE and supplements show me something.

      1. Hi Mary Ann! We apologize for this inconvenience. Our schedules and printed placemat are based on the principles of cutting our carbon footprint down by reducing the amount of printed materials we produce. We will share your feedback on this process with our team and we hope our products were to your liking.

        1. hello, I am in agreement w feeling a little lonely trying to find a schedule. at least add it to the website. I am a pretty good ‘direction follower’ as long as it’s spelled out for me.

  1. Why aren’t onions permitted? They are so good for liver detoxifications and are very anti-inflammatory so I’m trying to figure out why they are on the do not eat list for strictness.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      For some of our customers who are on more strict Transformation, onions may aggravate symptoms like acid reflux or indigestion, if the individual was suffering from those issues. We encourage you to follow the Transformation as YOU see fit. Our suggestions are merely guides – always listen to your body. 🙂

  2. Are flex foods replacements to the shakes and/or pills? Or, are the in addition too? I can’t seem to find this anywhere. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Lina,

      We have had some customers with high blood pressure who enjoyed the results of a Transformation. But, we encourage you to consult with your medical professional regarding medications. Thank you!

  3. I have one kidney and need to control my protein intake. Red to lose 12 lbs. and control my high acid levels. This sounds perfect.

    1. Some people abstain from coffee and use the Transformation to wean off of it, but if you’d like to incorporate it, you can.

  4. 3 questions: 1. Can you crush the amino pills and dissolve in liquid? 2. Can you drink decaf coffee as well as tea? 3. Can you use fiber powder like “Benefiber”, etc.?

    1. Hi Sheryl, 1) yes you can crush Aminos if you would like. 2) You can incorporate coffee if you want, but some customers abstain from it and use Can’t Beet This! instead. 3) You can use fiber products if you want, including our Daily Fiber Blend

  5. Trying to find more information on the LifeStyle Meals for the Intermittent Fasting Schedule. Is there a different list of foods for the meals other than the flex foods currently listed? Is meat, lean meats like chicken off the table? …etc. Thank you!

    1. Hi Sarah! You can find more information in our Facebook Support Group – Lifestyle Transformation Support Group. We encourage a more plant-based lifestyle, but you can incorporate lean foods if that is what you are comfortable with.

  6. What about a chic pea pasta on the cleanse. It has zanthum gum chickpea and pea protein in it… is that ok 👌 for the cleanse ?

    1. Hi Guadalupe, we have had diabetic customers enjoy their experience. For medical advice, please seek your medical professional.

  7. I work at night. And usually have breakfast around 5 or 6 am before going to sleep around 7:30. Would it still be ok to take the shake so close to sleeping?

    1. Hi Jessica! You can tailor your experience according to your preference. You can try that and listen to your body.

  8. Can someone please send me a link to the ULT guide which ACTUALLY includes the lifestyle meals foods list? I imagine it was put together for a reason. People clearly want it. The link to Flex Foods and Lifestyle meals both mentions that the combination of say 1/2 an avocado and 1/2 broccoli would be counted at as 2 flex foods, which it is not..it is half of one and half of another. That equals one, not also the list of actual foods for meals is not on this guide. I got a screenshot on my phone of this information a few weeks ago when I started but now that I have someone I am trying to share information with I am looking for it. I was very disappointed to see that there is no mentioning of caloric intake. The old athletic schedule included calories but I have found it nowhere else. No mention of portions of lifestyle meals. I am trying to figure this out so I can be more clear. I know I sound like I am griping and it is pretty unfortunate that a product this good has a poorly organized information portion, but I am extremely happy with the impact this transformation is having on my health.

  9. Hi!
    I’m using the above link(s) for the Purium Lifestyle Guide but it’s downloading an empty document!?!

    1. Hi Ana, our product formulator made these lists based on his experience and research with foods that may contribute to inflammation or other issues during the cleanse. If you would like to include tomato to better suit your own needs, you totally can! Our programs are meant as guide, but you don’t need to follow it to a tee – always listen to your own body.

    1. Hi Caryn! We apologize for the confusion. Mushrooms are great for Lifestyle Meals, but not on the flex food list.

  10. Very disappointed in the fact that there is no lifestyle foods/flex foods guide with my 30 days transformation kit. Feels very overwhelming and confusing, after making such a huge financial investment I would have expected more thoughtful and thorough information.

      1. This is an incorrect link that is the 40 day not the 30 day. My rep also requested that the 30 day get sent in the mail I was told it shipped twice and still nothing.

        Super lame

  11. Gosh… thanks Jonathan for your all patience. As I scrolled through the posts to find answers to my questions, I can’t believe how many times (5!) you had to post a link to a Lifestyle Guide. Either people are lazy and just like to complain in general. Hopefully Purium will help them 😉
    So my question is about the list of foods on the not permitted list above (for the strict acceleration schedule). Are those not permitted as just flex foods or also in lifestyle meals?
    Also will BioMe be as effective when poured into PowerShake as taken in capsules?

    1. Hi! They are not recommended as flex foods. You may use them for Lifestyle Meals if wish (tomatoes are a good example).

      Some individuals have opened their Biome Medic and poured it into their Power Shake, and still enjoyed its benefits. We actually have a chocolate superfood mix called Epi-Genius Kids, which contain 1 serving of Biome Medic in every serving!

  12. Hello, I’m going for the accelerated schedule and I’m wondering when is best to incorporate the Daily Fiber Blend into the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation package.


    1. Hi Megan! On the accelerated schedule, you can work in Daily Fiber as you would work in a flex food or beverage.

  13. Hi- I am currently just starting the 10-day athlete transformation and am wondering if there is a way to do this while also intermittent fasting? The every two hour schedule means I am working with a 12-hour eating window, is there any way to get that down to 8?

  14. Hi,
    I just started the ULT yesterday and I have a list of the flex and lifestyle foods but I am curious if I can add to this list safely.
    1) green beans
    2) Brussels sprouts
    3) green, red, & yellow peppers
    4) garlic
    5) jalapeño or other hot peppers
    6) all forms of lettuce

    Thank you for your assistance. I am loving the results after only one day.

    1. Hi Robert! If you are following the accelerated schedule, we recommend sticking to the recommended flex and lifestyle foods. If you are not, you can work these foods in as you see fit.

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