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Lifestyle Transformation Support Group

Want to watch Purium Co-Owner David Sandoval answer Q & A questions? Join our Support group! 

The path to health is an every day journey, but you’re not alone. Join our free support group on Facebook:Purium Lifestyle Transformation Support Group. 

Here, you will find: 

  • Support from other people just like you who have completed a Purium Transformation and those living new, healthier lifestyles 
  • Recipes for flex foods and lifestyle meals
  • An open resource to ask all questions, with no judgement


Want to learn more about our products and how to live a healthier lifestyle? Browse our blog for more inspirational stories, recipes and more.  

You can also find inspirational recipes at Recipes for a Purium Lifestyle FB Group



Do consult your physician before starting this or any other weight loss regimen – if on any medications, planning on losing a substantial amount weight, pregnant or lactating.
DO save the schedule to your phone and set alerts to keep you on track.
DO drink more water, broth and fresh juices.
DO eat fresh, raw fruit and veggies, dark leafy greens and high fiber meals.
DO eliminate temptations. Remove unhealthy, processed foods (or at least put out of sight).
DO plan your 10-Day Immersion during a period when you can get a good night’s rest every night.
DO begin to omit dairy, processed foods, and meat from your diet during the Ease In period. 
DO begin to omit coffee in the Ease In period to avoid withdrawal symptoms during the Immersion Period. 
DO take your “before” photo and track your results with the 30-Day Tracker.
DO take a “Before” picture to share with your community and to submit for Rewards for Reviews! (Details below) 
DON’T binge eat, drink or consume a large meal the day before starting.
DON’T procrastinate. If you can’t fit a 10-Day Transformation into your schedule, ease into the routine with the regular 30-Day schedule.


DO stay hydrated. Drink half your body weight in ounces/day, and anytime you feel thirsty or hungry.
DO grab an extra Flex Food instead of cheating or abandoning the program.
DO keep a positive mental attitude, “I can and I will.”
DO have approved Flex Foods/Beverages on hand.
DO share your commitment on Facebook at Purium Lifestyle Transformation Support Group. 
DON’T perform heavy exercise. Exercise is a form of stress and too much can be counterproductive. Do only light exercise like yoga or walking without breaking a sweat.
DON’T QUIT! Use our Purium support system to keep you going. Opt for a Lifestyle Meal, if your body feels too deprived.



DO have a plan! Sign up for Smart Order with either another Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation OR a Daily Core 4, so you can continue your health journey.
DO keep Biome Medic in your diet to keep your gut healthy.
DO take an “After” picture to share with your community and to submit for Rewards for Reviews! (Details below) 
DON’T rush back into eating heavy foods. Ease back into healthy foods slowly during the Finish Strong period.



    1. Hi Mary, that’s amazing! We’re so happy for you. Make sure you enter our contest on our website by entering your before and after information 🙂

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