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Welcome to the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation. This 30-day pack of products comes with a helpful placemat with a 30-tracker and 3 schedule options to accommodate any kind of lifestyle.

Before you begin, be sure to

Our goal is physical transformation and the pack to get there is the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation (ULT) pack. The five selected products in the ULT pack are composed with the specific purpose to saturate your body with pure, organic superfood nutrition and to change your body’s relationship with food. The ULT program is designed to help you take back control of your physical, emotional and yes, even spiritual self and dramatically improve your prospects’ longevity and wellness in the  future.

These products and programs have been time-tested and proven effective in more than 100,000 people’s lives, and what we have learned from them makes today’s programs more effective than ever.


BUILD with Pure Vegan Protein

Super Amino 23

We all need protein, but even high-quality animal-sourced proteins leave behind a toxic acid called uric acid, which is harmful to many parts of the body.  Purium co-owner, Dave Sandoval, compares its effects to pouring acid inside the engine of your car! With our Super Amino 23 you get a high-quality protein supplement with minimal impact on the body and maximum benefit. These pre-digested vegan protein tablets are designed to help build lean muscle and burn fat. Leaving no toxic residue, Super Amino 23 helps improve mental acuity, tighten skin, and build collagen to provide lean and healthy muscle.  May help:

  • Create lean muscle
  • Burn fat
  • Tighten skin
  • Improve mental acuity

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DETOXIFY with Superior Gut Health


Biome Medic

Specialized in supporting superior gut health, Biome Medic’s all-natural ingredients satisfy nutrient absorption and toxin elimination. It can help improve digestion, flush out harmful toxins, support “good” bacteria, and protect and repair your microbiome from GMO damage. A pre-clinical trial of this product indicated a 74% reduction in glyphosate, a widely used herbicide that poses a major health risk to consumers, in only 6 weeks. A 75% reduction in C-reactive protein, the biomarker for inflammation, was shown as well.  Biome Medic can also boost your mood and happiness by enhancing the production of a critical hormone generated in our gut: serotonin, the hormone that creates feelings of happiness. Gut reparation leads to not only higher serotonin levels but greater stem cell production that translates to feeling younger and healthier. May help:

  • Detoxify glyphosate
  • Improve digestion
  • Boost mood & immunity
  • Reduce C.R.P.

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NOURISH with Super Greens & Healthy Fats

Power Shake

The Power Shake is a powerhouse of super greens and healthy fats working to create energy and hormonal balance inside the body. Ingredients include gluten-free oats, organic spirulina, nature’s multivitamin protein that is loaded with omega 3’s, beta keratin, and B Vitamins, and millet, a high-protein seed that has soluble fibers our bodies need. Other sources in the Power Shake that help fuel your cells are organic carrot juice, wheatgrass, amaranth, alfalfa, quinoa, buckwheat, chia seeds, Lo Han for sweetness, and an organic apple-berry flavor for taste. Packed with these incredible ingredients, our Power Shake will help you feel fuller and more satisfied as you thrive throughout your transformation process.  May help:

  • Improve energy
  • Reduce cravings
  • Fuel your cells
  • Create satisfied feeling

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REGENERATE with Organic Super Fruit



Apothe-Cherry contains a wide variety of unique antioxidants and phytochemicals to help balance circadian rhythms, support healthy joint function and promote healthy uric acid metabolism. One serving of this tart, cherry-flavored antioxidant can equal up to 10 servings of fruit! As a natural dose of melatonin, Apothe-Cherry also promotes a deep and restful night’s sleep. Healthy sleeping habits can help propel weight loss and contribute to your overall lifestyle transformation.  May help:

  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce free radical damage
  • Beautify skin
  • Create a healthy response to inflammation

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CLEANSE with Deep Colon Cleanse

Super CleansR

Give your body the detoxification and cleanse it may crave with Super CleansR.  A core Purium product, Super CleansR is designed to enhance the body’s peristaltic action which loosens embedded and impacted matter, helping your body to cleanse deeply and effectively so that you feel and see the results!  May help:

  • Increase elimination
  • Release toxins
  • Flush parasites

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Did you purchase a special ULT? , Dark Berry Protein, L.O.V. Super Meal and/or Epi-Genius Kids are interchangeable with Power Shake for the ULT schedule. You may use a 1/2 serving of two different shakes anytime a Power Shake is called for on the schedule.

Super Meal contains more fiber and protein, which makes it satiating as an option for meal replacement. Power Shake contains more alkalizing greens and nutrients to nourish and energize. As an alternative option, you can use Epi-Genius Kids as meal replacement shake with protein and an amazing chocolate taste.



    1. Hi Michelle,

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The links have been updated. We’re adding more information to our Knowledge Base so stay tuned.

  1. When I click on the “product fact sheet” it takes me to a page that does not have the same information as is on the “product fact sheet” shown on this page. Is there a way to obtain/view the actual document shown?

    1. Hi Jordyn,

      Our Knowledge Base (where the link leads) contains the same information as the Product Fact Sheets in a different format.

  2. How do I see exactly all the points a new customer earns when they order an ULT kit and start a smart order.

    Also, when they place a smart order with their 1st order, it shows product in retail dollars. Where does it show discount and if and when their CC is charged?

  3. The schedule for 30day-Simple does not list 1 Lifestyle Meal for the day? It describes Rise/Shine, Lunch or Dinner, and Sweet Dreams, but I want to be certain that a Lifestyle Meal IS appropriate as either the Lunch or Dinner that is NOT Aminos/Biome Medic/Shake. I was directed by an agent to the Lifestyle Meals webpage on the 10day, but that includes foods that are to be avoided in the 30day. Thanks you for clarifying this.

    1. Hi Barrie,

      Yes, we encourage you to have one lifestyle meal per day for either lunch or dinner. As for foods, what is most important is that the food is organic, non-GMO and plant-based if possible for you. We have a list available on our blog as a guide, but you don’t need to follow it 100% if it does not work for you – always listen to your body. We encourage you to join our support group on Facebook: Purium Ultimate Lifestyle Support Group.

      1. Jonathan-Unless I’m seriously missing something, please respond directly regarding nursing as the article you are Continuing to direct us to does NOT address nursing and the products safety with regard to it. My question is specific as to the use of the ULT challenge and those products as it relates to nursing. Thank you!

  4. Would be nice to have on opening page of app or site a means to search through the eyes of the consumer: by that I mean lclearly state upfront “Health areas/issues I’d like to improve” then it could be a list with links to “Energy” “Sleep” “General strenght” “Brain function” “Sports strenght&endurance” “Joint health” “ETC…. Right now consumer appears to have to view everything from the standpoint of Puriums perspective and highlights that Purium deems important. My 30+ yrs of marketing tells me there is a stronger approach to communicate through the eyes of the consumer. I literally spent too much time trying to determine what I can benefit from. Sure NonGmo, organic, whole foods, etc is all over the place. I get it…good healthy products. But if I don’t connect it specifically to my needs, the site or app does me no good.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Steve! We will share it with the team. You can always use the Search bar here in our blog to search your desired topic.

    2. I agree completely. A page to sort out the products from a new customers eyes would be very helpful. I feel like there is too much to sort through to get my answers and I know it should be fairly simple.
      Simplifying a page for how, when and how much of the products in both the Core 4 and ULT would be extremely beneficial for new people. I just started and am confused. Even though I am a Health Coach and know about this stuff!

    3. Hey Steve,

      Have you tried going to the
      And typing in the key words of what you want help with? If not perhaps give it a try… lots of helpful information will come up.

      I hope you are enjoying the pure premium lifestyle.

  5. We received product but only see 30 day schedule. We thought there is a 10 day schedule. Is there, and if so where?

    1. Hi Beau,

      You can find the 10-Day schedules on the product page on our website, according to the pack you ordered.

  6. Where is the breakdown of what’s exactly included in 30 day cleanse? On mobile, I don’t see an option to choose flavors. On the photo, I see powder in a jar and 2 seal packs. Are they all same flavor?

  7. are you still recommending 2-3 biome medic a day for 30 days. the 1/dy forever after that. any downside to continuing 3/day forever?

    1. Hi Arl! Yes, we still recommend 2 a day. Sometimes, customers use more as a “Loading Dose” during their first use of the product.

  8. Aloha,
    Do you have vids of farm in Utah? And how large is farm? How many farmers/employees work at farm?
    Are the inputs made at farm that are used to fertilize plants? Or are they bought? If bought elsewhere, where?
    Is spiraling made at Utah farm? How? Where do you purchase the packaging for products? China? USA? Is packaging biodegradable?
    Has soil testing been done at farm?
    Have plants been tested for nutrients? If yes to both, is there data I can review?

    1. Hi Dana!

      We have a farm to family video here:

      The spirulina in our Power Shake is from China. Our policy is to buy the highest quality ingredients in the world, however our policy is also to buy anything that is equal quality from the USA. However, there are a few exceptions where we have found the most trustworthy supplier providing the best quality ingredients also happens to be from China. No other supplier has been able to meet the exacting standards for spirulina that are required by the organic certification process.

      Our Terra Pouches are biodegradable.

      For more information, please give us a call: (888) 747-6733

  9. Where can I find the schedule for the ULT+performance? I don’t see it in the downloadable schedule to find out how the performance products work with the ULT products. Thank you for your help!

  10. Hello I’m wondering what your safety protocols are considering there’s no talk about where or how these products are grown handle or processed reminders if it comes in a bag box or container it’s processed. China is not a great source considering the radiation levels there. Thank you Ann Marie Arnold Co founder of Functional Wellness Network I ask questions those hard ones that pull out the facts! Soul Star Healing at the Root.

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