Nutrition for New Mothers


All moms are heroes.” – Purium Co-Owner Dave Sandoval

One of the number one questions we at Purium receive is how our products can be used to prepare for pregnancy. Today, we’re recapping tips and tricks straight from Purium Co-Owner Dave Sandoval.

Just last year, Dave and Annie celebrated the birth of their new baby girl. These tips and tricks were the very same techniques Annie used to prepare for her own pregnancy.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it! (Zoom replay link below if you would rather watch).

NOTE: We are not medical professionals. Please consult with the appropriate professionals for medical questions. If you do not agree with these tips, you can adapt to your own beliefs and traditions. 

Tips for New Mothers

How can new mothers incorporate Purium nutrition in their lifestyle? Well, it depends on the stage of pregnancy they are currently experiencing. Here’s an easy breakdown.


Pre-pregnancy refers to time before pregnancy – this may include the time when you are discussing the process of having a child with a partner. While this time can be vital for the nutrition of you and future baby, it’s not the end of the world if you did not have time to prepare.


  • Stay away from anything non-organic as it may have glyphosate. This toxin can be detrimental to your health and baby’s health.
  • Refrain from eating trans fats and anything with artificial ingredients.


Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation (ULT) & 1 Parasite Cleanse (Extra Super CleansR

  • 60 to 90 days before pregnancy, complete a ULT to help nourish and detoxify the body.
  • Add 1 extra Super CleansR to create a Parasite Cleanse
  • To turn a ULT into a Parasite Cleanse: Use the first Super CleansR packet as instructed in the ULT Schedule. 20 days after that, start using the 2nd packet of Super CleansR to help rid parasite eggs from the body. Click this helpful handout for more information.
  • Be sure to add in flex foods for essential calories and nutrients.

Cracked Cell Chlorella & Fulvic Zeolite 

  • Help detox heavy metals like lead and mercury from the body with chlorella.
  • Chlorella contains CGF (chlorella growth factor), which helps regulate cell growth and stops cell mutation.
  • Fulvic acid and zeolite help bind to heavy metals and detox them from the body.

Super Life & White American Ginseng for Fertility 

  • For men: Support fertility with Super Life
  • For women: Support fertility with White American Ginseng

1st Trimester

After conception of the baby, another road looms ahead. Here are the products that Dave recommends.

Daily Core 4 

  • Instead of the ULT, you can start using the Daily Core 4, featuring 4 essential products for baseline nutrition.
  • Daily Core 4 contains healthy fats in the Power Shake, which are essential at this time.
  • Apothe-Cherry can help support healthy sleeping habits, which is much needed.

Can’t Beet the Power of L.O.V. 


  • If you feel comfortable, you may use CBD+ to help manage stress levels and keep a calm mood.

2nd Trimester

During this time, stop using Super Meal L.O.V. and Can’t Beet This! Instead, you can switch up the routine as follows.

Continue Daily Core 4 & Chlorella 

  • Continue using Daily Core 4 to main your nutritional baseline.
  • In particular, Daily Core 4 will can help regulate digestion during this time.
  • Super Aminos will help as your body continues to stretch during pregnancy.
  • Continue chlorella.

Daily Fiber Blend

  • As your digestion may be affected during this trimester, Daily Fiber may help regulate.
  • Pair Daily Fiber with Apothe-Cherry for a great tasting snack.


  • Back off of sugar during this time and instead, sip on some Bio-Fruit, containing a bountiful supply of fruits.
  • Mix Apothe-Cherry with Bio-Fruit for a fruit punch with benefits.

Tropic Oil 

  • Begin using coconut oil on critical areas of your body (such as the belly and sensitive areas) to prepare for the 3rd trimester.

3rd Trimester

Continue Daily Core 4, Bio Fruit and Chlorella 

  • Power Shake will be especially helpful during this time, as it helps supply folate.
  • You can use extra Super Amino 23 to help as your body stretches.
  • Continue Bio Fruit if you would like.
  • Chlorella will continue to help as well.


  • Spirulina is nature’s multi-vitamin, and can help supply your body with essential nutrients, vitamins and more. Instead of taking multiple vitamins, use spirulina.

C From Nature 

  • During this time, your digestive tract may have issues separating proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
  • C From Nature contains ingredients that may with this issue.


After pregnancy, Dave recommends adding Barley Green Juice & Tropic Oil to your diet to help support breast milk production.

Extra Tips:

Here are some extra tips from Dave for all stages of pregnancy.

  • Stay away from electromagnetic frequencies as much as possible.
  • Take some time to nurture your mental health for both your sake and the health of your future baby. Emotions can affect hormone production.
  • Watch consumption of alcohol and sugary foods.
  • Monitor use of herbs. You don’t want to use too many as some may have contraindications.
  • If it is possible for you, consider asking for the help of a mid-wife.

Zoom Link

If you would like to watch Dave’s Zoom on this topic, click here.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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