Care for Your Hair (Hair Loss & Collagen)


Can you support your body’s collagen production without the help of animal products?


Why does this matter in a blog about hair? Well, because collagen-production affects  the health of your hair. And the heath of your hair affects how it appears.

Here’s what you need to know.

We’ve talked extensively about building collagen before (you can click here for our guide). With that in mind, Purium Co-Owner Amy Venner gave some highlights from this guide in her recent Lifestyle Zoom.

If you missed it, you’re in luck! We’re breaking down key points from the Zoom here, and you can even click the link below to watch the Zoom directly for yourself.

Without further ado, let’s build some collagen.

Zoom Recap

If you walk around the local market or department store, you may find that collagen-boosting products are more readily available than ever before.

But most of them contain animals products, like bones. Does it make sense to eat more bones in order to strengthen your own bones? To us, that’s a definite no.

Collagen is a protein one of the most plentiful protein in our bodies, in our muscles, bones, organs, skin, and even intestinal lining. So, our approach is to help your body build that collagen rather supplement it with animal parts.

Here’s some key tid-bits to know:

  • Collagen-synthesis (how our body produces collagen & how that collagen is used) decreases as we age.
  • Some signs of this includes wrinkles in the skin, losing flexibility, and developing joint pain and osteoarthritis.
  • As we accumulate toxins in our body, they accumulate in the interstitial fluid in our body. (the water between our cells). When that occurs, collagen production begins to decline. Think of this fluid like the oil in your car. When the oil in your car is inefficient, it has an effect on your car. Then you need an oil change!

So, just how can you give an “oil” change to your body’s collagen production ability? Here’s how.

Purium Core 4

Purium Products

Here are some ways Purium products may help support your collagen production, and healthier looking skin and hair.

First, you will want to prepare your body for collagen synthesis.

The Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation 

The ULT contains products that may help nourish and detoxify your body. By nourishing and detoxying, you are prepping your body to feel and perform its best. Here are some key products that may help from the ULT:

  • Super Amino 23: Essential amino acids that are the building blocks of protein. The amino acids in our capsules can be absorbed by the body in 23 minutes and without leaving toxic load. They boast a 99.9% net nitrogen utilization.  Super Amino 23 is one of the most bioavailable vegan protein supplements.
  • Apothe-Cherry: Tart cherries support deep restful sleep, which is absolutely essential for collagen production

Then you want to support your body’s ability to store collagen.

C From Nature 

  • Vitamin C is thought to help your body store collagen in the body. So, don’t settle on vitamin C from synthetic ascorbic acid. Instead, fuel up on C from Nature with real vitamin C from fruits, like amla berry.

Super Xanthin 

  • Astaxanthin, the main ingredient of Super Xanthin, has been shown to support the elasticity of skin, promoting a healthier looking apperance. This goes hand and hand with collagen.

Bio Regen & Relax

  • Bio Regen: This product contains antioxidants that help support you body’s reaction to free radicals, which may wreak havoc on the skin.
  • Bio Relax: Some customers have referred to this product as “Nature’s Face-lift” due to its superfood ingredients. These ingredients may help support your body’s reaction to muscle tension in the face, which may help your skin look healthier.

Renew Hair, Skin and Nails

  • With natural-occuring, synergestically combined ingredients like horsetail, long plant stalks that pull in silica from the soil, Renew helps your body build collagen. This may help encourage healthier hair, skin and nails.
  • Renew has been added to out 3 & Then Free family, so now you can buy this product monthly to support you hair AND have a chance to get it free! Details in the link.

Aloe Digest

  • Aloe vera was dubbed “the potted physician” by Hippocrates for its antioxidant-properties, which may help support your health in so many ways! In fact, Baylor College of Medicine released a study showing that its phytochemical makeup may the body’s reaction to inflammation. It also helps link  polysaccarides stay together, which is important for collagen production.

Watch the Recap 

Learn even more by watching the Zoom recap here.


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