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Purium Co-Founder Dave Sandoval developed Purium’s 3 & Then Free Program to get superfood nutrition out to the world in a consistent and easy way. The program is not only designed to reward loyal Purium enthusiasts and health conscious connoisseurs with free products, but also to develop healthy habits. 

Earn Free Products: 3 & Then Free Program

Make healthy habits with Purium products and we’ll ensure the maximum discount on all of your orders. And now, our NEW process has never been better! 

Earn free product by following these steps: 

Step 1: Activate and maintain a Smart Order for 3 months. (Login to iShopPurium.com and click the “Smart Order” tab).

Step 2: Get 1.5x Reward Points on anything you order.

Step 3:  Purchase select products 3 months in a row (with an active smart order on file) and get that product for FREE with your next order.

Eligible Products

  • Kamut Blend
  • Ep-Genius Dogs
  • Epi-Genius Cats
  • Heart Aid
  • Barley Green Juice
  • Women’s Defense
  • Men’s Defense
  • Control: Pre-Meal Capsules
  • Super Lytes

3 & Then Free Product Packs & Qualifying Product 

Reminder: Purchasing a pack 3 months consecutively that contains a 3 & Then Free product will qualify you to earn the 3 & Then Free product for free. It is not the pack, it is just the 3 & Then Free product that will be awarded. 

How 3 & Then Free Works

It’s even better than before!!!  Think of our new 3 & Then Free system as a vault. Once you order a qualifying product (with an active Smart Order on file) 3 consecutive months in a row, our system will put your FREE product in a “vault,” awaiting to be delivered to you with your very next order!

When you make your next order after the 3rd consecutive month, the free product will automatically be added to your next order with zero ($0) as the price!

No Rewards point system, no confusion, just free product! 

The Process of Developing Habits 

Beautiful young Asian woman in sportswear drinking protein shake after exercise, relaxing at home.

At Purium, one of our biggest goals is to instill lifelong healthy habits for our community members. As great as earning free products is, the beauty of the 3 & Then Free program is developing healthy habits that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. Habits can be broken down into three basic components: 

The Cue or Trigger: This is the part of the habit loop where you are triggered to take some sort of action through a cue. If you’re following the 3 & Then Free Program, this would be simply feeling hungry and having the need to satisfy that hunger or wanting to uplevel your nutrition due to feeling tired or down all the time.

The Action: This is the part of the habit loop where you actually take action on the habit you want to adopt. In this case, this would be looking for something to eat and when you would normally grab a bag of chips or some other unhealthy item out of the pantry, now you are grabbing a Purium Superfood.

The Reward: This is the part of the habit loop where your brain receives a reward for taking the desired activity. For the 3 & Then Free Program, this is where you actually get two rewards. You get the health reward of feeling better and being more satiated throughout the day, then you get the reward of getting a free Purium product to continue your health journey. A true win-win!

3 & Then Free FAQs

Do the items have to be purchased separately? What if they are part of a pack?

Purchasing a pack 3 months consecutively that contains a 3 & Then Free product will qualify you to earn the 3 & Then Free product for free. It is not the pack, it is just the 3 & Then Free product that will be awarded. 

So we don’t have to do anything?

All you have to do is have a Smart Order on file and purchase a 3 & Then Free product for 3 consecutive months and you will be awarded the exact same 3 & Then Free product on your very next order. 

Will we still have the option to choose the products we want ?

The product you will earn is the same 3 & Then Product you purchased for the consecutive 3 months. The intention of this program is to encourage healthy habits by providing FREE product for consistent ordering of qualified products. 

It takes your cells 100 days of memories to do something before it’s wired into your brain and forms a habit.

What will happen to accumulated points we already have in 3 and Free?

Your Rewards Points will remain in your account unless you are not active for 6 months.

Does that 4th order where the free one appears have to be a Smart Order? Or a one time regular order?

 The 4th order can be either a Smart Order or regular order. Replacement orders will not trigger the free product to be added from your vault. 

Does my 3 & Then Free Product expire? 

The free product will only stay in your vault for up to 6 months. If you do not order within those six months, the product will be removed from your vault.  

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  1. 1). If I order 2 biome medic for 3 month on my smart order, how many free biome medic I get on my fourth order one or two?

    2). If I order biome medic and Heart aid for 3 months will I get one of each on my 4 th month free?

    1. 1) 1 Biome Medic. You can only earn 1 of each eligible product.
      2) You would get 1 Biome Medic and 1 Heart Aid

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