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Beginning November 3, Purium Co-Founder Amy Venner and other members of Purium Corporate underwent our 30-Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation. There was some ups and downs along the way but the team made it! Here are their thoughts they had along the way including a celebratory dinner!

Jonathan – Communications Specialist

Goal: My biggest goal is to change my eating habits 🥗 and re-route my health journey. From January 2019 – March 2020, I began my weight loss journey, and I was actually successful. I lost weight, shopped for a whole new wardrobe, gained so much confidence, and also had a healthier relationship with food. After the pandemic hit, I leaned back into older, easier habits (such as ordering from DoorDash almost every other day 😅) and lost track of my health goals. As a result, I have gained back the weight (and then some! 🙃) 

By the end of my 30-day journey, I hope to rekindle my healthy living and weight loss journey. My Transformation Partner will be my mom and we are both working on creating healthy habits as well. 🙌🏽

10-Day Check-In: 1 week in and I am feeling great! I had a little bit of an unhealthy diet before this, so to be real, I was nervous about how I could complete the ULT 😅😳 What most people might want to know is if I lost weight 👀 And I actually have! But my journey has been much more than that–I have learned so much about my cravings 🍕But what I have come to find is that when I nourish myself early in the day, my cravings are far less heavy during the rest of the day. 

To be honest, I have missed my Aminos or Power Shake a couple times this week 😨, but with every day, my health routine is becoming more stable. My first week has not been “perfect,” and yet I still have benefitted ❤️I am going to continue sticking to it!

Day 20 Check In: If you’ve ever heard Amy discuss the Transformation, she has said before that there is a “spiritual/mental” side to the Transformation. 🧘 In these last ten days, I have definitely experienced that. I have been spending time with family and when we are together, we end up ordering fast food or DoorDash… A LOT 😨😳 So it was hard not to order something when I was with them. But what I have learned is that the root of some of my cravings are tied to my emotions. When I’m stressed or upset, I tend to snack more 🙃

This week has been instrumental in instilling portion control in my daily lifestyle meals and learning when I can satiate my cravings with a healthy habit (like subbing a warm cup of Peppermint Bark Protein). I am also happy to report I have continued my weight loss so far as well ❤️

What You Learned After 30 Days: After 30 days, I really learned just how much thought and willpower go into Transforming your life choices. 😳There were definitely days where I did not follow the guide and the more I deviated, the less likely it would be for me to follow through the next day. Towards the end, I started getting back on track and I am happy to report I lost weight! Although it was a bumpy road during some parts, I am happy that I was able to learn about myself and also learn what it means to create healthy habits. I missed some days so I have extra product and will be shifting to a Daily Core 4 lifestyle with what I have left! 

Jessica – Designer

Goal: I have a vegetarian diet, but not necessarily the healthiest (lots of bread and cheese🧀🍞🍷). I’m probably the worst vegetarian out there 😭. I want to challenge myself to eat healthily and learn to plan my meals instead of eating randomly. My support group will be my boyfriend Steven and my friend Emma, who will also be doing the ULT with me 🙏🏻. I’m glad they will be joining because they are the two people that I tend to go out to eat with the most! 

Day 10 Check In: I was pretty intimidated during week one, but I’m feeling good! 😍 Since I wake up early I find the morning a bit difficult and not drinking coffee ☕️ (I’m still drinking a cup 👀, but no more than one a day). I’ve been saving a lot of money as well since no more Postmates 🙌🏼. My body feels healthy and light. I’ve started running more and did the LA 5k and going to run the LA turkey trot! 🏃🏻‍♀️

Day 20 Check In:  Well, it takes 21 to 30 days to form a new habit 😭. I’ve been falling behind with taking all of the capsules. For the most part, I’m still eating healthy and having a 6-8 hour window, it’s just hard taking all of the Super Amino 23. With the holidays coming up I’m scared that I’ll break everything. I don’t even eat meat, but usually during the holidays I get bullied into “trying something” 🙃.

What You Learned After 30 Days: Wow, at times the 30 days felt very long. I sadly broke away from the schedule during the holidays. 🥲 My eating habits did improve with less take-out and overall feeling healthy. I believe for me it was just bad timing with starting the ULT during the holidays since it’s hard not eating past 5 pm 🌙 and no alcohol 🍷 during the parties. I’m grateful for the experience and my friends and co-workers that did the ULT with me. I only got this far with their support and funny messages & tips. 🙌🏼💚

Danielle – Social Media Strategist

Goal: I’m the type of person that eats when it’s convenient. I’m a chronic meal skipper and tend to graze on whatever snacks I have in my fridge at 8pm and consider that a meal. I’ve been vegan for nearly 6 years, but my diet is basically if you allow a 10 year old to meal plan. I was an athlete growing up and my eating habits since then have changed dramatically, and my body does not feel as energized as it used to. My ultimate goal is to get back in a habit of consistency and healthy eating and restore a sense of balance in my life.

Day 10 Check In: If I’m being honest, I found it a little challenging to get into a rhythm of having a schedule for my lifestyle, and am still getting used to prepping my power shake in the morning before going into the office (although the pro to working at Purium is that you never really NOT have some around). I do feel a difference in my mental clarity and energy within the past 10 days, and feel more accomplished over exhausted in workouts.

Day 20 Check In: 20 days in and I’ve successfully managed to miss at least one serving of a shake or supplements a day. What can I say, I am definitely leaning into this more as a lifestyle schedule than leading with one of the three options. I have been consistent with having a Power shake every morning, and it does help me feel focused throughout my day especially for the morning after a night with friends (I would almost consider swapping this for my morning matcha long term). I am at the point where I am happy with the changes I have made during this journey instead of focusing on ‘slip ups’.

Scott – Videographer & Zoom Host

Goal: My goal with the ULT is to get back into healthy habits. I have fallen back into a routine of fast food and easy meals that are not good for my body. With the ULT I want to build habits that are just as easy but build a better future for me and my body.

Day 10 Check In: The biggest thing for me has been how powerful the ULT is just in instilling healthy habits. I am having the urge to snack on unhealthy foods yet, and over the weekend at dinner my family got a sugary dessert, and I didn’t even feel the need to have more than a single bite! (ok…maybe two…but that’s still a huge change!)

Day 20 Check In: I will admit it hasn’t been the easiest thing for me the last week, with family coming into town and so much going on I have been tempted to snack and eat things I shouldn’t. I did crack once, but the nice thing about the ULT is just because I ate some chips not all is lost! I picked up where I left off and the healthy habits I have built are really starting to make a difference in my life! My sleep schedule is back to normal and I have tons more energy!

What You Learned After 30 Days: The biggest thing I learned is persistence is key, in the face of imperfection. I had some french fries this month, I went out to the bar with some friends, I had plenty of thanksgiving dinner, but instead of writing it all off, I got back to healthy habits the next day! The biggest thing I learned is to keep going, no matter what you had to eat the day before.

Will – Content & Engagement Writer

Goal: My biggest goal over anything is to instill better discipline in my eating habits. I specifically chose the Intermittent Fasting Schedule to challenge myself even further with the hopes of gaining more insight to what my body is capable of. By the end of the 30 days, I think I’ll have developed better habits that I can carry with me for the next 30 days and beyond.

Day 10 Check In: One of the biggest surprises in my journey has been not feeling hungry while I’m in my fasted state. I’m active bright and early and I would’ve guessed the last few hours of my fast would involve me counting down the seconds until I can eat something. So far that hasn’t been the case and I definitely think the Power Shakes have helped keep me satiated. I look forward to the next 20 days of my journey and hope my momentum continues.

Day 20 Check In: After 20 days, I can comfortably say that I can easily implement intermittent fasting into my schedule going forward. With the holidays, I’ve cheated some days but I made sure I was back on schedule the following day. I look forward to finishing strong!

What You Learned After 30 Days: To have the latter stages of the ULT occur during Thanksgiving, it was certainly less than ideal. I ate and I ate and I ate and when I thought I couldn’t eat anything for a month, I ate some more. But the great thing about the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation is that my consistency leading up to Thanksgiving made the transition to get back on track much smoother. Now that the 30 days are officially over, I am proud of the things I was able to accomplish and undergoing the ULT has given me new insights of myself and all the people that have completed their transformations.

Roy – UX Designer

Goal: I have always been an active person but my eating habits have never been top of mind. I normally eat whatever I want and plan to “work it off later”. Over the last year I have noticed that my energy and endurance have not been where they used to be. My goal with this transformation is to build new healthy eating habits, change my relationship with food, & lose some weight in the process. I am excited to challenge myself and document this transformation.

Day 10 Check In: After 10 days of following the ULT plan, I feel great! When I started this transformation, I thought I was going to be hungry all the time. I am shocked by how the Power Shakes keep me feeling full and energized throughout my day. I started running again and I feel like I have been recovering faster. A big motivator for me is knowing that my coworkers are doing it too. I am looking forward to finishing my ULT strong!

Day 20 Check In: 20 days in and to be honest…it’s been tough! Cravings hit hard and with the Holiday season, it feels like there is a family party every weekend. I had a great routine going the first half of this transformation and I ended up taking a weekend off. I jumped back in on Monday! I love the ULT because it’s flexible. I am excited to finish this transformation strong!

What You Learned After 30 Days: And just like that… our team 30 day ULT is complete! This has been such a fun challenge. I had no idea what to expect going into this ULT. Starting it during the holiday season added an interesting twist! Not every day was perfect but it was pretty easy to hop back into my ULT routine. My biggest takeaway from this challenge is that the quality of foods you put into your body make a huge difference in how you feel. I look forward to adapting what I learned from this ULT into my day to day life.


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