Rewards Program: Promo Benefits & Details


With Purium, it pays to be healthy—in more ways than one! Every time you shop on or, you earn points that you can use like cash on future Purium purchases.

Read on as we walk you through the process. Learn how to earn!

The Basics

For every $1 spent on, you earn 1 Rewards Point. Yet, there are so many other ways to earn.

Check it out:

How can I earn Purium Rewards Points?

  • Sign-up for Smart Order = 200 Bonus Points (ONLY EARNED ONCE)
  • Keep Smart Order Active = 1.5x Rewards point on all orders
  • Special Promotions (Always look out for our emails for special Rewards promotions)

Are you a visual learner? Watch this Rewards Points Training video.

Training: Purium Rewards Points from Purium Health Products on Vimeo.

How Much Money Are Rewards Points Worth? 

  • 1000 points = $10 off next order
  • 2000 points = $20 off next order
  • 3000 points = $30 off next order

When are my Rewards Points added to my account? 

  • Points made from making purchases are added to your account automatically.
  • Points made from leaving reviews on are added on a later date. Note: Purium Corporate will review your submission. If the review does not follow compliant language standards, it will not be published the and you will not receive points.  

Do Purium Rewards Points Expire? 

  • Rewards Points expire after no activity on your account for 6 months.

Where can I view and redeem my Rewards Points? 

  • Rewards Points can be only redeemed and viewed via We outline the process below!
  • Rewards Points cannot be redeemed via

This was a lot of information, right? That’s why we created this handy graphic. Save to your phone for quick reference.

How to Redeem Your Rewards Points

Okay, now that you know how to rack up points, let’s learn about the best part of our program: redeeming your points for product.

You can redeem products in two ways:

  • Through the iShopPurium Shopping Cart Order Screen
  • Through the Rewards Module on (Located on the bottom left of the iShop home page on both desktop and mobile)

Learn how to Redeem points quickly with this infographic video here.

Watch the Rewards Training Video for a detailed screen-share guide. 

Option 1: Redeeming Points – iShopPurium Order Cart 

Using the Shopping Cart on is the easiest and smoothest way to redeem points exactly when you need them. Available redemption values will populate if you have accumulated the allotted points (for example, 1000 points = $10 off earned).

  • Load up your iShopPurium order cart and check out.
  • A “Redeem points for Rewards on this order” box will appear if you have enough allotted points to use.
  • Choose the amount of points you would like to use.
  • Your points will automatically be applied towards your purchase. (You will notice a Redemption code added). An “Apply” box will appear when you have a Rewards redemption code to use. 
  • If you do not complete your purchase, no worries! Your Redemption code is also sent via email. Simply check your email. Copy the code and paste it into your iShopPurium order cart on a later date.

Option 2: Redeeming Points – Rewards Module 


Using the Rewards module on allows you to access a ledger of all the ways you have accumulated Rewards Points, how you have used points in the past and how you can earn points for the future.

To redeem points via the Purium Rewards module: 

  • Click “Redeem Points” in the module
  • Look out for an email with your Rewards redemption code
  • Copy that code
  • Paste that code into the “Apply” box that appears in your iShop Order cart

This process can be a little tricky, so we recommend using Option 1.

Get Started

Ready to earn Rewards Points? Create an account.

Fine Print about Purium Rewards and Redemption

  • Rewards Points are non-transferable. The redemption value is subtracted from the order subtotal and any remaining subtotal amount that is paid will accrue Rewards Points.
  • Rewards Points have no cash value.
  • Customers, Brand Partners and Professors are eligible for Purium Rewards Points.
  • Health Professionals do not earn rewards as they already earn a more substantial discount for consistent ordering.
  • No refunds for Rewards Points on returned products.
  • Shipping and sales tax amounts excluded.
  • Rewards Points are deducted on returned purchases


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