How to Stick to your 2021 Goals


As the new year turns, new fitness routines are made, junk food drawers are cleaned out, and people dedicate themselves to new diets that don’t always last long. New Year’s resolutions are often easier said than done. Many tend to lose motivation and steam by February or March resorting back to old unhealthy habits.

Here at Purium, we want to help you form healthy habits that stick so you can achieve your 2021 goals! Follow our list of simple healthy lifestyle tips that will push you to finally achieve the transformations you’ve been yearning for. 

Make Choices, Not Rules 

Although setting rules sounds like a reasonable approach to our resolutions, they sometimes set us up for failure. When we put strict regulations on our bodies, we are more likely to rebel against those self-imposed restrictions. We need to give ourselves choices to help us feel more in control. 

For example, instead of never allowing yourself to indulge in any of your favorite junk foods, give yourself the choice to have 1 serving of that food one day a week. Fill your fridge with a variety of healthy foods so you have choices on how to positively fuel your body. Incorporate more low processed, nutrient-rich, plant-based foods such as fresh produce, nuts and seeds to your daily diet. With all these healthy choices your body will begin to crave more than just that late-night dessert. You can also give yourself choices with your exercise routine. Ask yourself, ‘do I want to go on a jog today? Or do some yoga instead?’ There are limitless ways to prosper during your lifestyle transformation!

Start a Wellness Journal and Reflect on What You Are Eating

Skip the calorie counting phone apps that promote restrictive diets and unnecessary guilt! Writing down your daily food intake can help you understand what you are putting into your body. Jot down nutritional facts, and think about how each food is making you feel; Energetic? Lethargic? Satisfied? Still hungry or am I just thirsty? You can also use your journal to keep new healthy recipes, workout routines, and weekly tasks or goals. The physical act of writing something down will increase your chances of following through and accomplishing what you set out to do.

Focus on What You Can Eat, Not What You “Can’t” Eat

Instead of forming a list of forbidden foods, try taking the alternate route and create a grocery list of all the healthy foods you’re excited to see in your fridge. Focusing on the “cans” will help us forget about the “can’ts” and open our minds to the infinite ways we can nourish our bodies. When your body is properly nourished, you will feel well, sleep well, and eat well. When you are in this mindset, being healthy becomes a sub-conscious decision. Remember it is okay to indulge in a healthy portion of a treat now and then. Giving yourself this freedom will help you maintain a long-term diet change and you’ll be less likely to binge or completely quit.

Continue to Make Small Changes

Don’t overwhelm yourself with big changes that are hard to adapt to, start small and grow from there. First, focus on one or two simple switches you can stick to for the month, then add on a few more for the next month, and so on. The small changes you stand by will soon become a normal part of your daily routine and adding new changes won’t be so daunting. For example, tell yourself you will exercise 2-3 days a week and cook healthy homemade meals 3 days per week, instead of every day.

Listen to Your Body’s Hunger Cues

Do not starve your body!! Food is our fuel and if your stomach is grumbling it’s telling you it needs more energy to get through the day. It’s important to incorporate a sufficient amount of protein, fiber, and good quality fats in your daily diet to keep you feeling satisfied, even if you are trying to lose weight. Giving your body all the nutrients it needs will promote high energy levels and diminish binges and unwanted cravings.

Plan and Prep Your Meals

Meal preps are a simple hack to keep you on track with your healthy lifestyle. After our busy daily schedules wind down, it’s difficult to find the energy to cook a nutritious meal. Many resort to ordering take out or popping a low-nutrient frozen dinner in the oven. When you have a wholesome meal already waiting for you in your fridge the other unhealthy options become out of mind. Meal prep doesn’t require complicated planning or tools! Start by preparing yourself lunches for the week. You can use any foods that hold up well in storage and still have their flavor after being in the refrigerator for a few days. Cooked meat, roasted vegetables, soups, sauces, nuts, and raw vegetables all serve as great choices to incorporate in your meal prep recipes.

Create Healthy Rewards 

Continually rewarding yourself with fast food meals, sugary coffee drinks, or a big dessert after an intense workout will only lead to you falling back into old and destructive eating habits. To break those habits completely, reward yourself with gifts other than food! Buy a new workout outfit or a pair of sneakers that excites you for your daily exercise. Plan a special family or date movie night to look forward to throughout your workday. Schedule a massage or have a spa day. Get creative with the ways you can treat yourself!

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Always Know What Your Next Step Is 

To achieve your goals, you must have a plan on how you’ll get the results you want. Keep in mind your next plan of action in fulfilling your resolutions. Buy a planner and set objectives for each month so you’re mentally prepared when it comes to taking the next step in accomplishing your ultimate goal. As a Purium Brand Partner, you can use Smart Order, our monthly subscription program that qualifies you for special commission bonuses and promos. With a product always on your Smart Order, you’ll not only maintain your healthy eating habits but will also give your growing business the support it needs to succeed!

Looking for more inspiration on how to achieve your health fitness goals this year? Check out our blog “3 Health Fitness Goals that don’t Involve the Scale.” 


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