3 Health Fitness Goals That Don’t Involve the Scale


A lot of times when people start a new fitness commitment, they do it because they want to look better.

But what if the goal was to feel better, instead?

While many people who exercise 3+ times a week regularly continue because their mood and sleep depend on it, there is still a large group of non-athletes who expect the number on the scale to change when they start incorporating physical activity into their routines.

However, taking the focus off the weight loss may in fact help make your fitness routine stick, hence causing a long term solution to weight woes. Not to mention, we all know all the studies about how physical fitness improves our mood.

Don’t get us wrong, if that is your fitness goal, then by all means, go for it (try these tips). We applaud and support you.

Let’s focus on helping you feel happy and healthy instead with some good old fashioned whole nutrition and body movement.

Leveling Up Your Performance

While some of us are perfectly comfortable taking the same 30-minute jog on the treadmill every day, others are looking to hit record times. Working out isn’t just about losing weight–it can be about keeping a promise to yourself.

Setting and meeting goals helps us feel accomplished. That’s why it feels so good to scratch something off our to-do lists. So, it’s totally natural to apply this way of thinking to your fitness routine.

Fitness routines can be a way to push yourself towards a more athletic lifestyle, becoming an outlet for competitive play and proof of will-power. Your weight may not change, however, your lap times and bench-press abilities might!

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Here are some tips to help courtesy of Very Well Fit and Nerd Fitness:

  • Ensure your goals are realistic and attainable (not “I’m going to lift 200 pounds by next week,” especially if you can only lift 25 right now).
  • Use some sort of tracking device to help you (a timer if you’re counting laps or even a device that counts steps taken in a day).
  • Prep beforehand (that might mean ensuring you have extra time to workout or filling out a progress notebook so you can easily log results).
  • Change goals if necessary. If you wanted to run 5 miles by a given date, but you’re still struggling running 1, maybe decrease your goal. Work your way back up when ready. Conversely, if you’re hitting goals left and right, maybe it’s time to make more challenging ones.

Find more tips in our New Year’s Resolution blog.

Becoming More Present and “Waking Up”

Some people feel like they’re living life in cruise control. This could be for a number of reasons, including:

  • Lacking enough energy to power through the day
  • Losing memory or “spacing out” due to mind fog
  • Suffering from adrenal fatigue
  • Not getting enough sleep every night

The above issues and more can keep people at home, too afraid to mingle with the outside world. They can also make others feel like they just can’t keep up with the rest of the world.

Eating a more plant-based diet can help with some of these issues (1). But working out can also help too! Some exercise can help decrease anxiety and help you have more energy in the long-run.

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Here are some tips to help, from Harvard Health and Dr. Axe:

  • Pay attention to what you’re eating. Eliminate foods that drain you and increase foods that make you feel better. (No, we’re not advocating more brownies!)
  • Set aside 7-9 hours a day for sleep, with no distractions.
  • Integrate yoga and meditation to help re-center yourself.
  • Limit sugar and eat healthy carbs.
  • Learn healthy ways to manage stress.

Increasing Energy and Becoming More Active

For many of us, getting up a flight of stairs sounds like a nightmare. And chasing after our kids or pets remind us of one glaring issue: we are just not as fit as we once used to be.

Maybe you took a trip with your family and exhausted yourself after only 10 ten minutes of walking. And then you remember you spend most of your time sitting rather than being active. Hey, it happens. We’ve all been there!

One way to help boost your daily energy is to begin or optimize a workout exercise routine.

Rekindling a fitness routine could be the perfect prescription to our sedentary woes.  You’d be surprised just how your daily life can change–suddenly, you’ll be able to make it up those flight of stairs with no breaks in between!

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Here are some tips to help you become more active.

  • Eat regularly every day, at around the same time, to establish some flow.
  • Incorporate more protein into your diet, rather than sweet treats that can lead to crashes.
  • Drink more water.
  • Be more social with coworkers, friends and family–give yourself a reason to get up and get out.
  • Hit the gym, but don’t overdo it. Just establish a routine, you don’t want to overexert yourself.
  • Take the scenic route more often. Ensure you’re making your body move regularly, so it will get used to be mobile more often.

Stay Happy + Healthy

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