5 Facts About Women’s Health


Health statistics can be depressing, but they can also be motivating. While not all of these facts about women’s health are the perkiest bits of information, they are meant to inspire change. Keep you and those wonderful women around you, healthy and happy with whole foods, good fats, exercise and high-quality supplements.

Her Favorite Color Is Genetic:

Turns out, women see colors more vividly than men. There is a gene, only on the X chromosome, that allows one to see the color red. A mutation is more likely to occur with men, making it difficult for them to see the difference between red and green. Researchers have projected that it may have evolved from long ago when females gathered food and needed to distinguish berries, foliage and bugs. 

Heart Health:

Did you know that women’s hearts beat faster than men’s? Since the average heart of a man weighs 2 ounces more than a woman’s average 8ounce heart, the smaller sized hearts have to beat a little faster. So, if the hearts are a little different, the symptoms of a heart attack can also be different.

While men often feel chest pain during a heart attack, women can feel nauseous, have jaw or back pain and become short of breath. It’s important to be aware of the pain you feel and consult a physician to understand the reason behind it.

As for heart disease, it is the number one killer among women.

Keep your heart beating happy with pure foods, only good fats (Coconut oil) and a regular cardio exercise regiment.

Crying is More Scientific Than Emotional:

Sure, women cry more than men (women cry about 5.3 times a month and adult men cry about 1.4 times a month), but there’s a reason other than pure emotion. For starters, men have larger tears ducts than women and are able to retain more water. William H. Frey II, PhD, a neuroscientist and author of Crying: The Mystery of Tears, explains that hormone prolactin (known best to nursing mothers) regulates the development of the tear glands and aids in the production of tears. According to Frey, women at 18 can have 50 to 60 percent higher levels of prolactin than men do.

Better Listeners Than Men:

The Indiana University School of Medicine answered an age old question: Are women better listeners than men? In the study, men and women listened to a passage from a John Grisham novel. Most of the men’s brains only showed activity on the left side of their brains, whereas women showed activity on bother right and left sides of the brain. Maybe this can explain why women can hear the unsaid parts of a conversation.

Hormones and Dentist Appointments?

Estrogen can cause dry sockets in the mouth, which happens when teeth are pulled. To avoid the potential blood clot catastrophe and infection, schedule excavations when your estrogen levels are lower (last week of your menstrual cycle). If you’re pregnant or trying to be, dental hygiene is very important due to the surges of estrogen that can cause gums to swell, increasing the risk of gingivitis. Dental professionals recommend pregnant women have an examination every three months or so.


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