Success Story: Veronika Petra- A Healthy Pregnancy With Purium


Veronika is an amazing full-time mom to two little ones and a hard-working Purium entrepreneur!

Her success story was written to us in letter form as you will read below:


Dear Purium Health Products,

Thank you for fully supporting Elora’s health when I was 2 months postpartum last year. I completed a transformation and followed through with the Core3 products.

Thank you for giving me health, vitality, energy, financial abundance, and the opportunity to help others around me.

Thank you for giving me a very healthy 2nd pregnancy. Having back to back pregnancies is hard on a body!! In week 30 to 40 I was taking 20 to 30 Super Amino 23 a day, my morning green juice, Super Xanthin, and Super Life. My labor was healthy, fast and I contribute the success to your products.

Every morning in organic apple juice I use Best of Greens, Organic Kamut, and Organic Barley Green Juice. By the way… That Barley Green Juice gave me so much milk I was able to help out some friends in need of milk for their babies.

Elora loves Mommy’s morning juice too! I don’t have to worry if she eats vegetables or not because she’s getting vital nourishment on a cellular level.

And lastly, THANK YOU, for giving me a healthy body to look like this 7 days postpartum. My skin is tight. My milk is clean. I have energy. And all babies and momma are sleeping beautifully through the night. And when I don’t, your Apothe-Cherry makes me feel like I did.

So thank you Purium for the new lifestyle and love that I have for this body. I love being a “Mom Is Living Fully.”

Love, Veronika


2 months postpartum with Elora/10 days later/20 days later:


Elora drinking her greens:



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