MMM Scholarship Recipient Spotlight: Maitreya Silver


The Purium Business provides endless freedom to impact your community, the planet, and yourself with products that offer a gateway into a transformative lifestyle.

Maitreya Silver, a recipient of the Million Mom Movement (MMM) Scholarship Award, leveraged this rewarded opportunity to jumpstart a transformative lifestyle journey as a Purium Brand Partner and reinvent multiple aspects of her life amidst a global pandemic.

“A couple of months ago, I opened my mind to this opportunity that was presented to me. Little did I know at the time, how much and how fast I would feel myself and my life transforming! My body, my mind, my reality, my future,” says Silver.

MMM is committed to empowering women, mothers, and families to create clean, green, organic, and non-GMO kitchens. In partnership with MMM and a part of ‘Putting a Face To Purium’s Heart’ initiative, Purium offers a scholarship program for families in need of financial aid who seek to transform their health and their life.

Every month, 4 families who are highly motivated and prepared to make a change in their own financial and physical health are rewarded. Each scholarship reward includes a free Purium Business Launch Pack at a $199 value, $1250 in retail value of Purium organic & Non-GMO superfood nutrition delivered over 3 months, and continued business mentorship.

Prior to receiving the scholarship in May, Silver faced unemployment while trying to prepare her son, a wheel-chair athlete, to move out of state, attend college and remain healthy during the current world health crisis. She believes this opportunity could not have come at a better time.

With the financial reward, she started a 30-day transformation with Purium’s Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation Pack that helped ease some physical health symptoms she had previously dealt with. After encouraging her son to do a 10-day cleanse in July, she felt significantly better about sending him out into the world with a healthy happy gut and stronger immune system. Her son also implements various products such as Super-Amino 23 tablets into his diet to help with his athletic performance.

Since embarking on the Purium adventure 6 months ago, Silver has experienced incredible personal growth and mental breakthroughs, shedding any limitations that stop her from achieving anything she sets her mind to!

“Receiving the Million Mom Movement Scholarship and becoming a Purium brand partner has been such an awesome blessing for me and my son! I just want to share it with everyone, and help all my loved ones feel this way too!” she says.

Million Mom Movement is a growing organization of influential caretakers who are passionate about making a difference within their communities by spreading health, well-being, and an economic opportunity around organic, superfood nutrition.

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