The Flu Just Got a Little Scarier


We’re in the midst of a crazy flu season and CNN reports that its one of the most severe in recent years. At this point, influenza activity has spread across 49 states (wow, lucky you, Hawaii)!

In light of this, a recent study can help us understand just how the flu is affecting us this year. Previously, we’ve thought the flu could only be spread one way – hands. We’re taught to frequently wash our hands and shield our coughs and sneezes with our arms since our hands come into contact with everything: door knobs, keyboards, and of course, high-fives with our families and loved ones. Most believe that the most common way germs and bacteria are spread is by our grubby little hands, but as it turns out….the influenza virus can be spread one more way…

In their study, the University of Maryland found that the influenza virus could actually be spread…just by breathing! WHAT?! According to a professor associated with the study, people with the flu release infectious droplets just by breathing, regardless of whether or not they cough or sneeze.

The researchers analyzed 142 confirmed flu cases and captured samples of exhaled breath and upper throat swabs. There were only 23 breath samples where people did not cough or sneeze during administration. Interestingly enough, 48% (11) of those cases still showed signs of detectable viral RNA. Of these 11 samples, 8 contained the virus! This means the virus was spread through breath, without a sneeze or cough.

It’s a small number in that study, but that’s still pretty crazy!

This means that simply sanitizing door knobs and keeping our hands clean won’t always prevent infection. We have to be more careful and use more precautions. Professors associated with the study suggested taking a sick day from work if you have the flu, so as not to spread the virus.

The flu does not discriminate, either. It affects children, adults, seniors, men, women and even…pets! That’s right, even dogs can come down with the flu. Poor little pups, what did they ever do to deserve such cruel punishment?

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Stay healthy, friends!

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