Don’t Worry, Be Happy


Everyone can feel a little down now and then. There’s a laundry list of things that can lead to feeling sad and the list of ways to combat that sadness can seem a little bit smaller – especially if we’re feeling low. However, even though that list is shorter in comparison, the actions are much more potent.

Check out our list to help turn gray clouds into blue skies. While these tips may seem obvious and cheesy, if you truly practice them, they can work!

  1. Be nicer.

Hey, don’t roll your eyes (we said these might be cheesy)! Sometimes being nicer to everyone around us can make us happier. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Social Psychology showed that performing acts of kindness can increase life satisfaction. In the 10-day Great Britain study, participants filled out a life satisfaction survey and then were split up into three separate groups with different instructions. One group was told to perform an act of kindness each day, one was told to do something new each day and the last group was given no instructions.

After the 10 days, the first two groups’ overall satisfaction had greatly improved, especially when compared to the last group. So, spread kindness (and hey, if that’s a new thing for you, maybe it’ll be double the happiness).

    2. Spend some “me-time” in the sun.

Sometimes, we just need a little “me-time” to go over our thoughts. You know, listening to some deep music that inspires you to have an introspective inner-dialogue? Or, is that just us? Regardless of the profound inner moment, you should still spend some time outside – especially when you feel down feeling down. Studies have shown that sunlight can help motivate mood. Conversely, lack of light causes us to be a little sadder and even less active. That’s why there’s a phenomenon called seasonal affective disorder during the winter time.

But back to happy thoughts! Natural light – even if it’s a cloudy day – is really good for you. Light cycles can have a role in our daily body functions, like how we break down food to energy. There are even light boxes created that emit light at the same frequency as sunlight, for when the sun is not out during winter months and you’re feeling lethargic (or when you binge watch “This Is Us” and need a quick pick-me-up).

    3. Flood your body with “feel-good” nutrients.

Not many people think of this, but the food we eat affects our mood, too. To improve our mood, we really need to examine what we consume. There are some foods that contain nutrients that can help us feel happier and healthier.

We’ve combined some of these together to create The Good Mood Pack, which includes four products that can help increase your mood:

  • CHILL Spray: CHILL helps you literally chill. SunTheanine and GABA may calm nerves and stabilize your mood.
  • Biome Medic: A healthy body is a happy body and Biome Medic supports your gut (aka second brain) health. Our guts are connected to our brains, and so an unhappy one can lead to an unhappy brain!
  • Apothe-Cherry: Sleep makes the world go round as it helps regulate so many of the body’s functions and systems. Have you ever slept for just a few hours and then have to wake up for work? Did you notice your sour mood from the moment your eyes opened? If the answer is yes, then you get it. Apothe-Cherry helps you get deeper and better sleep, which helps balance circadian rhythm and metabolism.
  • Super Life: Super Life completes the pack with clean energy support. The superfoods-packed formula supports healthy testosterone levels, which can help you feel happily energized.


Mood is more than just a mindset, it’s a result of your whole body responding. Always listen!


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