Easing Into Life After A Transformation: How Do You Do It?


40-Day or 10-Day Transformations can be a real game-changer. Whether you are wanting to overcome a weight loss plateau, start living healthier or find renewed energy, our Lifestyle Guide and products can easily help map out a pathway to your health goals.

Yet once you complete your program, it’s important to remember – you are never actually “done.” Don’t be scared though! A full-time healthy life does NOT mean a full-time cleanse.

Maintaining your healthy lifestyle isn’t as difficult as it may sound. You can check out what life can look like <ahref=”https://blog.puriumcorp.com/2019/01/21/life-post-transformation-maintaining-a-healthy-lifestyle-with-core-4/”>after a Transformation and we even provided you with a list of Purium products that will work well for you to help you maintain your progress.

So today, we’ll give you tips on how to adjust from a plan of intermittent fasting and superfoods to your “regular” life.

How to Go Back to Your Life Without Going Back to Bad Habits


Before we jump in, lets touch base about our 10-Day and 40-Day programs. These product packs were designed on two important elements:

  • Intermittent fasting
  • Dense superfoods

In this program, you stay away from bad foods as best you can, and instead, flood the body with rich phytonutrients from whole foods, like green veggies and other organic, plant-based foods. Contrary to what you might think, you actually are “allowed” to eat during a Transformation. (Actually, you can eat whenever you please – these programs are for you to modify according to your own needs).

For 10-Day Transformations. We recommend eating what we call, “flex” foods-non-starchy veggies and fruits. 40-Day Ultimates and Core 4 programs incorporate Lifestyle Meals, which are plates of multiple flex foods.

Eating these types of foods regularly can help re-program your body create new cravings. Over time, the foods will become your go-to choices and naturally build healthy habits through your brain brain! Pretty cool, right? (1)

What to Do

So, how do you maintain your healthy lifestyle? Here are some tips.

Prepare. Prepare. PREPARE.

Did we mention prepare? Seriously, this is the most important step to adjusting to life post-Transformation. Go to the store and stock up on healthy foods. Pay close attention to specific foods that can help you prioritize your health concerns, such as living with diabetes or hormonal troubles.  Make sure you stick to the outer corners of the grocery store, where all the fresh produce is located. If you have a favorite flex food, you’ll want to grab a bunch of those too!

For an even simpler life, try to meal plan. Plan out what you will cook for dinner during the week. Portion out snacks that you can munch on throughout the day. This will make staying healthy a done deal.

If you’re planning on a trip, make sure you’re prepared to maintain your progress during vacation too!

Stock Up On Your Favorite Purium Staples

On a Transformation, you are bound to find products that you love. For many, this includes Apothe-Cherry, Biome Medic and Power Shake. Depending on what your favorite staples are, we designed Core 4 packs (like our Core 4 + More) to offer a better value for multiple products. Of course individual products can work too! Whatever your favorite product is, make sure you have it on Smart Order so you can always have it on hand.

Make an Exercise Plan

YUCK. We know this may sound like something you don’t want to do, but hear us out. Pencil in some activity where you can. It doesn’t have to include hitting the gym for 90 days or even crazy schedules that switch off between “leg” and “arm” days. (If that’s your cup of tea though, that’s great!) Sign up for a dance class, walk with your family, just find something that will keep you moving. A body in motion stays in motion. And a sedentary lifestyle can lead to chronic illness and health issues (2). Here are some exercises you can do with your children.

Forgive Yourself

We’re going to tell you a little secret…but you can’t tell anyone, okay? Do you pinky promise? Okay, here it goes: our Co-Founders, our corporate staff and our team members all across the world…indulge every once in a while! WHOA, so crazy, right?

Most people think that after they finish a Transformation, they have to kiss doughnuts and other sweet but sinful treats goodbye. That is not the case at all. Just remember that treats are okay in moderation. And hey, if you eat “bad” one day, you can get back on track the next day! Forgive yourself for those “mistakes.” The moment you think of healthy living as a chore is the moment things will get extremely difficult.


Shop Organic and Non-GMO

While on a Transformation, your body is cleansing itself from toxins. How much sense would it make to put those toxins right back in after you completed a 10-Day?

But here’s the thing…we can’t control all toxins. So, it’s important to shop organic and non-GMO when possible to ensure you’re eating as clean as possible. Learn how to read labels for ingredients that you don’t want. This might look different for every one–do what is comfortable for you.

And if you need help detoxing, we have your back! Shop our Biome Medic, the only Gold Standard Glyphosate Detox Certified product on the planet (thank you, Detox Project)!

If you’re looking into a new lifestyle to follow, we recommend a flexitarian or vegan diet.

Start Off Slow

Our final tip is to start off slow when you get back into the swing of your everyday life. Your body will need to do a little adjusting, especially if you steered clear of solid foods (remember: you don’t need to do this during a Transformation). Don’t go on a full buffet the day after you finished, it may cause illness.

Instead, slowly introduce foods back into your diet. If you have foods that are problematic to you, pay particularly close attention to how your body reacts to small portions. If any bad symptoms start to flare up, then you know to cut that food out of your diet. Interestingly enough, sometimes people feel this way about coffee! (But don’t worry, not everyone experiences negative reactions to a cup of joe).

Live Happily & Healthily

Our main goal at Purium is to help you live happy and healthy life, so we thank you for allowing us to take part in your health journey.

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