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Amy Venner,Family,Goal Setting,Kids,Meal Planning,Motivation,Recipes 22 Feb , 2017  

Incorporating the Whole Family

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Three-generation family with two small children preparing food.

With the new year in full swing, it’s time to look back on your resolutions and see how far you’ve come. You’ve been improving your overall eating habits, getting a workout in a few times a week, and maybe even started saving up money for a family trip this year. While you may be right on track with your goals, how is your family adapting? Have they tagged along for the health journey or are they still a little unsure? If they aren’t all in quite yet, we have a few tips to help you get them on board… because doing things as a family is always better than doing it alone!

Below are several great articles we already wrote to make it easy for you to introduce this idea to your family. And while you’re there, join Amy Venner-Hamdi’s (co-founder of Purium) mission to getting families eating cleaner and greener through her Million Mom Movement! You will receive emails with a blog and activity sheet for the kids.

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