Healing the Body’s Three Brains

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Healthy living means ensuring our three brains are functioning at their best. Yes, you read that right! We said three brains.

Our first brain (between our ears), our second brain (our gut), and our third brain (the heart) govern our body’s main functions. Both our brain and our gut microbiome act as command stations that direct the various systems of our bodies. Our hearts act as the engine that keeps things moving.

Purium Founders Amy Venner & Dave Sandoval recently discussed the importance of these vital body systems in their weekly Wednesday Zoom, and even gave Purium-powered tips and tricks.

Read on for a quick recap and click the link below to watch the full video.

Quick Recap

Our First Brain (Between the Ears)

  • As we age over time, so do our brains.
  • Neurotransmitter receptors (a membrane in the body that is activated by cells that travel to and from the brain) become oxidized and less effective. This means our reaction times could decrease due to miscommunications in our body. Our ability to form memories may also be affected.
  • Holistic herbs and amino acids (like acetyl L-carnite and alpha lipoic acid) may able to support healthy brains, improving memory, cognition and circulation.
  • Our Revive-It-All contains these ingredients in addition to the powerful ginkgo biloba leaf extract.

Our Second Brain (The Gut Microbiome)

  • Our gut microbiome health affects the brain, heart, hormone production, mood and mental health (serotonin-production), skin and virtually every part of our bodies.
  • The herbicide glyphosate can severely damage our microbiomes, contributing to inflammation, liver disease and more. Right now, there is really no way to avoid it as it is being exposed to us, our children and our pets. All we can do is heal our guts from the damage.
  • Our Detox Project Certified Biome Medic contains synergistic, plant-based ingredients that can promote a healthy gut. Read more about those ingredients here. To learn more about how Biome Medic reduced glyphosate and inflammatory bio-markers in the body, read this blog.
  • It’s never been more important to take Biome Medic. That’s why we created our Epi-Genius Kids and Epi-Genius Dogs, so we can heal our entire families.

Our Third Brain (The Heart)

  • The heart powers our body. Problems that start in the heart can travel to other parts of the body. For example, inflammation that begins in the heart can spread to the rest of the body.
  • We created our Heart Aid product with holistic herbs, like hawthorn berry, cilantro, guggulsterone and more herbs that support healthy cardiovascular function by supporting the body’s response to free radical damage and oxygen uptake.

Watch The Three Brains Zoom

Dave and Amy discuss our three brains and how we can support them with holistic herbs in FULL DETAIL in the Zoom below. Watch and let us know your favorite part in the comments!

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