The Power of Group Cleansing



🎶 It takes two to make a thing go right, it takes two to make it outta sight 🎶 

Have you ever heard that song before? As it turns out, this groovy tune actually holds some truth in it. Most activities are better together. Even cleansing!

Today, we’re giving you a recap of our most recent Lifestyle Zoom about group cleansing, hosted by Purium Founders, Amy Venner & Dave Sandoval. Stay abreast of their Zooms by visiting the Lifestyle Zoom Facebook Page.

We’ll talk a little about cleansing (and Purium Transformations), then talk more about how group cleansing can be a powerful way to transform your life.

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The Truth About Cleanses

Our bodies have a few ways to detoxify the body. In fact, you probably have performed a few of these methods today, maybe without even knowing it. Crazy, right?

Sneezing, coughing and going to the bathroom are just a few of the ways your body naturally releases toxins.

So, you may be thinking: If my body detoxes naturally, then I don’t need to do anything extra, right? 

And well, you’d be right, in theory. Here’s the truth about cleansing: whatever you do to cleanse is not enough unless you’re doing two other things:

  • Limiting or stopping the intake of toxins
  • Flooding the body with essential nutrients

And guess what? You would be doing BOTH of these things if you were to complete a Purium 40-Day Transformation!

Catabolic vs Anabolic Cleanses

Purium’s 40-Day Transformation is an anabolic cleanse. An anabolic cleanse can help detoxify the body by reducing caloric intake, but not nutrients.

Instead of stopping intake of all foods, our Transformations help you replace harmful habits with healthy habits. Chow on nutrient-dense veggies and fruits (flex foods) while enjoying Purium products.

You may be wondering: what about the cleanses that restrict you from eating anything at all? 

Well, those cleanses could be considered catabolic cleanses. Why? They may put your body in a catabolic state. In other words–your body is craving nutrients and food. In this state, your body may eat away at your own muscle instead of fat. And we don’t want that!


Cleansing: Better, Together

During a cleanse, it can be easy to feel defeated and alone.

Just think about it. What if you started a cleanse on the same night that your family decides to go out for pizza? While your family is relishing in ooey, goeey cheese, you may be sitting at the edge of the table feeling alone and wanting to just break your cleanse.

In a group cleanse, you have other people to fall back on. In this instance, you’d be able to call or text your cleansing buddy about wanting to break your lifestyle change. In a few short moments, you’d get a response like, “Saaame. But we have to stay strong, trust me, it will be worth it!”

What’s more, cleansing together ensures a better experience, especially if your group is large. We know plenty of Purium customers who start their own Facebook groups for cleanses. The group becomes full of people to talk to about symptoms, recipes and more. In fact, we have one right here.

Suddenly, something scary like a cleanse doesn’t seem as scary with friends! That’s the power of a group cleanse!

Watch the Zoom

Watch the Zoom for an amazing group cleanse testimonial from Brand Partner Carolina Rocha, and hear Amy’s breakdown of the Purium Transformation’s history and Dave’s biological cleanse benefit breakdown. Plus, get a little sneak peek of the newest Purium family member, Dave’s baby Cornila!

Watch the Group Cleanse Zoom. 


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