Understanding Nutritional Needs of Individuals With Autism


We need to admit something.

Lately the unprecedented events of 2020 have been taking up our time and thoughts. But it’s not just us – it’s the world and maybe even you too. In fact, you may have forgotten one important observation during the month of April. It is National Autism Awareness month!

Don’t feel bad if you forgot, we all have our hands full! That’s why Dave + Amy took the time to give this month the visibility and love it deserves.

They recently dedicated their Wednesday Lifestyle Zoom to speaking about the nutritional needs of individuals with autism.

Read on for a quick recap or click the replay link below to watch our passionate Co-Founders .

Recap – Nutritional Needs Of Autistic Persons

What is Autism? 

Our Co-Founder Dave Sandoval chooses not see autism as a disorder, but rather a neurodevelopmental variation that affects behavior. Autism is a condition in which a person’s perception of sensory environments can be affected due to what is going neurologically in their brain. These individuals may not understand emotional cues or social norms. They may also perform gestures or repetitive movements.

What’s most important to know is that people with autism exist on the spectrum. This means that not every autistic individual is the same. They may experience similar symptoms, but they express that in their own unique way.

Dave gave a great example of how we can all understand autism in a better way. Think of a house that has many rooms. Now pretend all of these rooms have an automatic door system. Now, imagine a family running around in that house going from room to room freely. What would happen if those doors suddenly shut?

In this example, you can think of the brain as “the house.” The family that is running around is neurotransmitter/brain function. And finally, autism can be the doors that suddenly close.

Autism Effects on Loved One

Unfortunately, some people don’t know how to properly love and care for individual with autism. In fact, some people may distance themselves from someone with autism or they may reprimand them.

This phenomena affects parents and caregivers for individuals with autism. It can be extremely alienating. So, it is important to show compassion for this individuals and their families.

That is one of the main reasons that Dave Sandoval & Annie Ybarra created the A.W.A.K.E.N. Project. The A.W.A.K.E.N Project hosts retreats for persons with autism, and their families.

Through the Purium Gives & Putting a Face to our Heart campaign, we have partnered with this organization to provide them with nutritional products for their retreats. That brings us to our next topic.

Biome-Medic with plants

Nutritional Needs 

What nutritional needs should you think about when caring for individuals with autism? Here are Dave’s picks:

  • Biome Medic: The gut micobiome is critical to these individuals. The gut is connected to the brain. So, nutritional deficiency, mineral deficiency, and leaky gut are important to address.
  • Green Sprectrum & Chlorella: Greens are absolutely essential as well. Choose greens that well help detoxify heavy metals from the body. Supplementing with Fulvic Zeolite would be an added bonus.
  • In Focus: This tincture was created with balanced energy and calm focus in mind. Boasting beneficial herb,like eleuthero root & lemon balm, this product is loved by families with an individual with autism.
  • CBD+: Individuals with autism may experience an overload of senses. CBD may help support a more serene state of mind.
  • Epi-Genius Kids: Epi-Genius contains essential vitamins, like A, C, D & E. In addition, it contains protein and more nutrients that are essential to the body. Proper nourishment goes a long way!

The A.W.A.K.E.N. Project

To learn more about the A.W.A.K.E.N. Project and their retreats, click here.

Zoom Recap

To listen to the Zoom in full and hear about touching stories from Dave, click here.

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