Earth Day Film Festival: Purium’s Mission, with Special Guest Keely Shaye Brosnan

Celebrate Earth Day


Purium Owners Dave Sandoval & Amy Venner enthusiastically kicked off our Earth Day Film Festival celebration on a special broadcast of their Wednesday Lifestyle Zoom.

For Purium, every day is Earth Day! Our dedication to improving our positive impact on the world, by decreasing our negative impact can be seen through every initiative that we take.

In this special Zoom, Dave & Amy were joined by “Poisoning Paradise” producer and director Keely Shaye Brosnan. We will be streaming the movie for our Earth Day Film Festival on Friday, April 24!

Read on for a quick recap and the replay link for this insightful Zoom.

Earth Day Recap

On the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, people around the world celebrate the Earth by highlighting negative impact and actions on our environment. Doing so helps bring awareness, so we can make changes politically and with civic action.

At Purium we do not take that job lightly. Here a few key ways that we have lessened our damage on the Earth.

  • We promote eating a more plant-based diet rather, relying less on animal products. You may not know, but the animal-meat industry contributes to the gas omissions that damage our planet. From the trucks that ship these meats to warehouses to the tools used to gather this meat, a huge carbon footprint is formed.
  • We make plant-based eating more accessible. Shipping fresh fruits and vegetables to stores from farms can also leave a huge impact on the planet. Think about the trucks that deliver to grocery stores every day — that’s a lot of gas emission! Our superfoods are delivered in a pure + premium powders and capsules with a long shelf-live. This means you will not need to order as often, decreasing your own impact too!
  • We’re going plastic-free in 2021. We’re switching from plastic tubs to sustainable, biodegradable packaging. But we’re not throwing away our plastics tubs, we’re showing you how to re-use them!
  • In 2019, our company-wide initiatives saved over 30,000 pounds of plastics from going into plastic!

Learn more about our mission here.

Reducing Your Carbon FOODprint with Purium – EDIT from Purium Health Products on Vimeo.

Poisoning Paradise 

Keely Shaye Brosnan also joined Dave and Amy to talk about her film, “Poisoning Paradise.” This movie highlights the economic and agricultural turmoil that took place in Hawaii, affecting the environment and residents. Dave witnessed this first-hand during his time in Hawaii. Now, more than ever, it is important for us give Mother Nature a hand.

Zoom Recap

Want to watch the exclusive interview? Watch the recap here.


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